Sunday, March 22, 2009

World Dharma Mandala

I made this collage during the winter, but wasn't able to photograph it until now. I photograph artwork outside on a sunny day, in open shade, and this weekend, the weather was cooperative.

I was talking with a friend last night about the spiritual significance of the equinox. Because the day and night are of equal length at this time, she associates it with balance. Balance, always something to strive for, but difficult to achieve. Balancing all the aspects of life- the work, the play, exercise, sleep, time for making art, time spent with others or alone, finding time for all the tasks that must be done, yet somehow finding time for yourself. Balance, so we don't fall. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, too busy, frazzled, out of balance.

Looking at this piece, I realized that it is about balance. The mandala form is radially symmetrical; it is balanced in all directions, as is the wheel of the dharma. We seek balance within ourselves, as humanity must seek to live in balance with the earth. May we all find that balance.


  1. Yes, this piece is a beautiful depiction of balance!

  2. This is gorgeous Sharmon! It reminds me of stained glass...imagine that! :)

    I have nominated you for a Lemonade Award, details on my blog ( Well deserved my friend.

  3. I've enjoyed reading this post and love your mandala. I find I'm continually struggling for balance. If the scales tipped in the other direction I could live with it. The quiet art making side outweighing the frenetic business of life....but life seems to be tipping the other way lately with excess "rushing about".


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