Monday, January 23, 2012

My Seven Links


 I took it as a great compliment when my dear friend Donna Drozda invited me to be part of the 'My 7 Links’ project.  Luckily, she assured me there was no deadline, so my usual inability to get to all 1,329 things on my list in a timely fashion was not going to be a problem.  I have to admit that when I realize how much time has gone by since the invitation, I feel a bit embarrassed, but I'm going ahead with it nonetheless.  So, I hope those whose blogs I’ve invited will allow themselves the same lee way… and if the time or interest doesn’t fit, no worries.  (I copied some of this from Donna; she writes much better than I do.  I can hear her laughing at me now.)


Did I Dream This?  by Donna Drozda

 The idea is to go back to your own posts and find one to fit each of the 7 categories, then ‘pass it on' to 5 more bloggers, and so on, and so on, etc., etc., etc.  The project is described as a way of “uniting bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint venture", and I'm all about uniting, you know?

The following are the 7 categories:

  1. Most beautiful post

  2. Most popular post

  3. Most controversial post

  4. Most helpful post

  5. Most “surprisingly successful” post

  6. Most neglected post

  7. The post that makes them most proud

    So, here goes! 

     1. Most Beautiful.   I had a hard time deciding,  but in the end I think I chose "White" 2/7/10 at least partly because we've had virtually no snow (or snow days!) this winter.  On the day these photos were taken, we'd had the most perfect snowfall during the night, and then, in the morning, the sun came out.  The result was dazzling.


    2. Most Popular.  I don't know if this post got the most comments, but I appreciated the support of so many wonderful blogger friends.  Where can you find this many people so willing to cheer you on?  I hope they also found some small inspiration in this story of conquered fears: "I Did It" 10/24/10



    3. Most Controversial.  I'm not sure any of my posts were very controversial.  But I know that politics are not popular on art blogs, and despite my best efforts to keep my political opinions to myself, they just pop out every once in a while.  I chose "Every day should be Earth Day" 4/21/09  , because everyone really should know about this.


    4. Most helpful.  Many of you told me that this post was helpful, and I, too, often need to remind myself that "Art Comes From the Making" 6/30/11


    5. Most surprisingly successful.  I was surprised to see how this post resonated with people; I had feared it might be too whiney, but it was something I just needed to say.  Apparently, I wasn't the only one who felt that way. "Here's How It Is" 2/7/11



    6. Most neglected.  "Interconnections" 11/29/09

    7. The post that makes me most proud.  I chose "Not an Open Book" 6/15/11.  I'm proud of myself for not chickening out when it came to revealing the very personal subject matter of this piece, and for having the guts to try an unfamiliar form of expression on an important project.


    The five bloggers I've chosen to participate in the 'My Seven Links' project are

    Lynne Hoppe

    Kim Hambric


    Gwen Buchanan

    Lynne Ciacco

Monday, January 16, 2012

Upcoming Exhibit at Audubon Museum

On Saturday, I took 5 pieces to the John James Audubon Museum in Henderson, Kentucky.  It was a cold, grey day, and the drive took about 4 hours each way, but I am very happy to be part of the exhibit. 

One of my pieces is on the front of the announcement- the one with the blue crow taking flight, entitled "Rise".

The Audubon Museum is a beautiful stone structure built by the Works Progress Administration in 1938.  Unfortunately, the weather was dark and overcast, and my camera batteries died, so I wasn't able to get a good photo.  Maybe I'll have better luck when I go to retrieve my work.

"Seedling" will also be in the exhibit.

I'm also excited to welcome my new followers; I am always so grateful that someone connects with what I do.  I hope you will all enjoy sharing  my journey.  The new year is starting off with a bang!   I'm wishing the same for all of you, my friends, and many blessings!