Sunday, November 30, 2008

more multiples (the edge of november)

Cloud Sunflower

It's a cold, gloomy,
gray, drizzly day
on the edge
of November
and even worse
it's Sunday
So I have to go
to work

Metal Sunflower

Summer's heat and
soft, buttery,
yellow light
are gone
and the sky is hard,
the color of

Ink Sunflower

Last summer is far
away and long ago,
a faint
like the taste of salt
on my tongue
or glittering on
my skin.

Glowing Sunflower

But I can wait
and remember
and think
of yellow things

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Apparently, I've been tagged. I didn't know what this was until Amy Guidry, who I know from the Art Scuttlebutt site, tagged me today. Amy is an artist whose beautiful surrealist paintings I very much admire; you should check her out at Anyway, it seems like a good idea to me. Here's how it works:
1. Put a link in your blog post about the artist who tagged you.
2. Write 5 - 7 unusual things about yourself. (This part could be scary.)
3. Tag 5 - 7 other bloggers and let them know.

Okay, unusual things about me. Well, that shouldn't be too hard.
1. I was a professional bellydancer for about 7 years. (see publicity photo above)
2. I once participated in a Voudou ritual with priestess Louisa Teish, in which I had to spit rum and gunpowder all over an altar. (don't ask)
3. I build log houses. (using the original pioneer logs, not kits)
4. I have 3 college degrees and graduated summa cum laude all 3 times.
5. I am a direct descendant of Pocahontas on at least 3 different lines of my family.

Are those unusual enough, do you think?

Here are the artists I'm tagging:

Oh rats, that's only 4. Well, either I can't count or I'm a big fat rule- breaker...

Okay, now I feel like a cheater so here's one more. Also, I forgot I meant to include Carol because she's very cool:

You never know, I may add more, because I'm a big fat mind-changer, too.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Four Buddhas

I'm not sure what to call this; I mean, I've never done anything with multiple images before. I'm not an Andy Warhol fan, so I don't think that's where this is coming from. Maybe it's from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of deities having multiple aspects- such as the Medicine Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, etc. I once took the initiation of the twenty-one Taras, which was quite lovely, but no one has ever explained to me why there are so many of everything. Tibetans seem to have an obsession with numbers, but I find it a bit confusing, myself. But I digress, I guess. For whatever reason, I just like these images together; I hope you do, too. Namaste!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Good News

Well, I've been busy and I wanted to update everyone on what I've been up to. I have some good news to share.

Exciting news! My work has been selected to be featured in the book "Art Buzz: The 2009 Collection." An annual, full color, hardback, 'coffee table' type book, this publication showcases the work of professional artists from around the world. I'm honored to be included in the 2009 Collection, which will be available for purchase directly from the publisher later this winter.

In October, my work was juried into the Artist Guild of Northwest Georgia 1st Annual Open Online Art Competition. "Moonshadows" was awarded 1st place for mixed media. You can view the show at their website.

I was fortunate to be accepted into the organization "Artists Who Teach", a group of fine artists who are also teachers. Membership is juried, and there is some very nice work on this site. You can see my profile here, at the bottom of the page. Also, if you have a chance, look for my work in their ad in the December issue of American Style Magazine.

While I sometimes get frustrated with the lack of sales (which is understandable in this economy), I guess this just goes to show that if you just keep pluggin' away, eventually something will happen. I am definitely the tortoise rather than the hare. I'm developing kind of a zen attitude about all this- enjoy the process and don't worry about the outcome, or something like that. Maybe it should be "Ride with the tide, and go with the flow" as James Taylor and Carly Simon sang so long ago. Well anyway, I'm trying.