Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tree Cathedral 4

Where does the Divine reside? Do we keep our idea of God inside the confines of a box, a building, a church? Where does God begin, or end? Is spirit within us, around us, within every thing? Which is more holy, a tree, or a building? Which inspires you more, on a spiritual level? Have we constructed our God the same way we construct a building?
I can't answer these questions for you; each of us must answer them for ourselves. For myself, though, I choose to think outside the box.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tree Cathedral 2

Medieval Christians built cathedrals that soared into the sky as if reaching to touch God. The peaks of the ribbed groin vaults gave Gothic architecture a feeling of endless vertical space pierced by shafts of light from a multitude of arched windows. They are truly an inspired sculptural representation of the spiritual. My cathedral in the woods with it's exquisite sweeping spires and endless vault of pure blue put even this beautiful masterwork to shame.