Monday, March 2, 2009

Quite Peculiar

Well, I don't know if the computer gods just hate me or what. The virus my computer had before was apparently hiding somewhere and moving around and it came back with a vengence. I had to take it to professionals, who told me that 80% of their business was a result of this particular virus. They had to wipe the hard drive down to factory specs, then all the programs had to be reinstalled, etc., etc., etc. All this took about 2 weeks.

Then, what's even more bizarre, to add insult to injury, I could not get into my blogger account! When I tried to sign in, I got the message that my username is invalid. I got a gmail account recently, and this account is under my other email address. If I sign in using my gmail account, it says I have no blogs; if I try to sign in using my other one, it's invalid. Somehow I was able to get in using a different search engine, but have no idea if this will work in the future. This very well may be my last post! If anyone has ever had this problem, PLEASE let me know what to do.

The photo included in this post was taken by my son, Colin Reusch (it's his own eyeball), and digitally manipulated by me.
Anyway, as John Lennon would say, "Quite peculiar, mama!"


  1. To prevent a similar meltdown in the future, I would suggest running some good, free anti-virus software like Avast4Home ( It will check web pages, e-mail, etc. Did I mention it was free? I'd pay that anyday to avoid rebuilding my system up from bare unpainted metal. Hope this helps. Can't advise on your blogger account issue.

  2. Old Friend,
    Thanks for the advice. I did have an anti-virus program- Symantec, which I'm told is the same company as Norton Anti-virus. Why it didn't work I have no clue, except that this virus apparently constantly mutates and moves around in your system. I do have a different one now- also free.


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