Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Source

"What's up with all the round things?"  This question was put to me some years ago by a guest critic in one of my classes at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.  I think he (whose name I don't remember) was an art professor at the University of Cincinnati, and of course he didn't exactly say, "What's up...".  But he noticed that my work was full of 'round things', and advised me to consider what they symbolized.  Because they obviously did have a personal meaning for me, a meaning I couldn't articulate, floating just below the surface of my consciousness.

Kalachakra Matrix

It took a while.  In fact, I forgot about his question entirely.  Until one day, years later, while taking a bit of an inventory of my work (like the piece above),  it just hit me out of the blue.  Seeds!  Yes, that was it- what it all grew from, what it all came back to. 

 Secret Garden

Of course, this is only one layer of meaning, and there are many others closely intertwined.  But that was the foundation, the inception of the idea- the source.

 Seed Mandala 10

 Seed Mandala 23

 Seed Mandala 16

 Well, there are many, many more examples, but for now I'll show you the one I just completed.

Where the Seed Goes
 Ingredients:  monotype fragments, silk tissue, acetate, acrylic ink, Caran D'Ache crayons, cheesecloth, watercolor pencils.
11.5" x 9.5"


  1. The Source is beautiful..Wonderful.
    I am glad you realized where it was coming from. Just Beautiful.

  2. wow - such luscious colors and lovely images of the pain of growth, taking root... beautiful! thanks for the inspiration today:) xojennifer

  3. Wonderful use of textures and media, giving a satisfying depth to the composition while underlying the inherent symbolism.

  4. Wonderful pieces...very beautiful
    work indeed.

  5. It's just lovely! The textures are wonderful.

  6. Love the splotty mandalas. Wow there's so much up and down in the new piece. It seems like the seed is being held down by a net but trying to fighting to burst through... like plants always do.

  7. j'aime les racines et spécialement ces créations!

  8. The sacred geometry in your beautiful work is noticeable with out mention....
    worth a second look. -J

  9. this is wonderful, so layered and textured. and i think sometimes it is just as good not to think too much about where things come from, so they don't get stuck on the way

  10. Oh, so neato. Really lovely colors and shapes. I'm into rounds, too. Actually, all geometrics.

    These pieces are wonderful!

  11. Your colors are incredibly rich and luminous. Your textures are very impressive as well.

  12. I LOVE where the seed goes... can't imagine a more, um, unusual question to be put right on the spot:) You have been most productive, my friend - I hope you're enjoying a few sunny days amid the downpours!! We're still pretty soggy here too!

  13. Im so glad I looked down your posts till I found this one... where have I been that I missed this... I need to get permission to reblog this Sharmon... at you know where! If possible! Love this work...

  14. Sharmon - I was in search of your address this morning and...came across your website and this blog!
    What beautiful work you do...and how strongly I resonate with your artist's statement....
    I'll be back for more inspiration and the soothing energy that radiates from your art.

  15. Such beauty in your work and your words. I am excited to find your blog here! roxanne


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