Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Into Each Life a Little Rain Must Fall...

It says, "a little", right?  I'm afraid there must be some mistake, because we passed "a little" somewhere around three weeks ago.  Here's what the sky looks like right now:

This is how it looked yesterday:

The day before?

The day before, and the day before, and the day before that?   Yep, exactly the same.  And tonight, tomorrow, the next day?  Well... storms, then rain, punctuated by heavy storms...

I know I really have no right to complain.  My house is dry, unlike many others, and in most parts of the area, people can still get to their front doors without the use of a boat.  We have had a couple of tornadoes touch down, but no towns here have been leveled.  But still- it gets old, doesn't it?

I mean, just look at my garden! Anyone care for a swim? 

The poor sugar snap peas have rotted in the ground (for the second time), and the broccoli plants are drowning.
Over the weekend, the sun actually came out for about 15 minutes, so we rushed down to the river to look at the flood.

 This used to be a street, but is now home to some very unconcerned geese...

 Goose butts, everywhere I go, now!

Do they really need a sign telling people the steps are closed?

Furthermore, please don't try parking in this lot...

At the confluence of the Ohio and Licking, the water from the Licking is moving so fast, there are actually- er- browncaps.

Take a wild guess what's looming on the horizon again!  Yep, it's time to head back to the car...

At least this little guy doesn't seem to mind the rain...

and some day the sun will shine, somewhere... over the rainbow...


  1. You "quack" me up! Looks like at this moment you are sending some duck loving weather to Nashville- where I am visiting my son and his wife. Either I here thunder or your rumblings all the way to here. Go back inside and make some more art... I can't wait to see. xoxo teri

  2. WOW.


    this is something ELSE.

    Thanks for posting all these. Hard to believe...

  3. Oh my I thought we here in Michigan were getting a lot of rain. Your cup runneth over. Wonderful photographs though. I especially like the city scape across the water. Lovely.

  4. Oh my Sharmon these images have impressed me, everything is flooded, here in these days of Holy Week has not stopped raining, I went to the beach and there is nothing sadder than a rainy day at the beach!
    I want the Sun shining!
    Have a lovely and dry week!

    A big hug,

  5. when was the last time we had "normal" weather? It was a brutal winter, now it's a wet, violent and tragic spring... it's pouring and the thunder is rumbling here, now. I'm just grateful rain is all we've had a lot of here in NY, though many nearby have the flooding you've described. i'm afraid we humans are now reaping what we've sewn.
    wishing you sunshine - soon!! xo

  6. Sorry about those snap sugar peas...again...

    I wasn't able to drive across town to complete prep for our children's spring festival...due to rain and flooding.
    I wasn't able to complete a phone meeting, phone line went dead...no electricity for 90 minutes as the sky opened up and the rains fell...the sound of thunder and sirens sirens sirens coming from all directions.

  7. WEll the foto with the street that is now a river...take notice to the street sign....RIVERSIDE...they aren´t kidding are they...man, that is a lot of water...water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.
    All you have to do is heat it and you have "coffee" all ready to go.


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