Monday, August 16, 2010


It is quiet here.
Peace wraps around my heart.

Hemmed in finest lace, the field is dressed in green and pink. 

There, a fairy ring of joe-pye weed
is guarded by a weathered fence post... 
If I stand very still, and listen, 
I can hear a bird calling,

and the hypnotic drone of bees at work.

Wind shushes softly 
through the Queen Anne's lace and iron weed.

 I peer inside a secret world
that smells like sunlight...

I hold this peace inside my heart
so I can always find it.


  1. That's quite an abundance of joe pye weed.... lovely! I am encouraging it here at RavenWood, well, have one or two, plenty in the surrounding wetlands, more to come to join in the dance with the queen anne;s lace and the wind!

  2. That was beautiful, Sharmon, I felt at peace just looking at your pics and reading the words.
    Have a great day, my friend!!

  3. I adore Joe Pye and Queen Anne's Lace together and miss it since I left it behind in Ohio...than you for the stroll through the meadow with all of its sun perfume and droney songs of summer.

  4. Yes, the harmony of nature is the best teacher. Thank you for posting such beautiful photos.

  5. wish I was in your meadow this wek, instead I am at Drama Camp painting sets which is fun... but not peaceful in the least. Thanks for a little moment of silence in my crazy week!!!

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  7. beautiful funny, I was just making my blogging rounds, you were next on my list and then I received a message from you! I love your soft, lacy, peaceful images.

  8. What is it you call this top flower? We call it fennel and it's considered a weed...I adore fennel though!The nest like structure of an unopened flower, the delicate white (or pink!) petals that pop out everywhere when the time is right..
    I enjoyed your photos:)

  9. I am so there with your images and words.

  10. Annell- I agree completely with your educational choice!

    Deb- Drama camp? Sounds like fun, but I get my share of drama every day teaching 8th-graders! Hope you're having a great time!

    Laura, welcome back; it's always so nice to read your sweet comments!

    Lisa, we call it Queen Anne's lace. It's actually a wild carrot, I believe. Thanks for visiting!

    Don- I'm glad you like them; I hope they brought you a feeling of peace.

  11. What wonderful fotos!!! Beautiful!
    Cynthia Schelzig


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