Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finding My Way -or- Where the Heck is My GPS When I Need it?

   Finding My Way
Ingredients: map fragments, cut-outs, watercolor, acrylic ink, watercolor pencil, photocopy, metal game spinners; painted, drawn, glued, and punched.

I finally finished the collage I had started before I went on my trip.  This is another experiment; I have no idea if it will lead to a new series, and have decided not to worry about that any more.  Go with the flow and see where it leads, is my new motto. 

I had a lot of fun with this one for several reasons.  I didn't worry about whether the elements in the piece really made sense together, but proceeded more according to intuition, coupled with (hopefully) a decent composition.  I had this fragment of a old piece with an astrolabe on it, and I'm notoriously bad with directions, so I made a bit of a visual pun around that idea, combined with the idea of searching for my artistic direction.  Did that make sense, or am I just rambling?  I've also been thinking for a while about incorporating objects, particularly metal, into some of my collages, so I got a big kick out of the metal spinners.  Doesn't take much to amuse me, eh?

Moving on to some random blogging questions, I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with these.  This issue has bothered me for some time.  I so appreciate the comments of my readers, and want to respond to all of them if possible.  My problem is that many people have no email address to respond to, just the "noreply-comment..." thing.  I'm never sure if I should put my replies on the post's comments, because I don't know if anyone comes back to check them.  Personally, I rarely go back to a post I've commented on, partly because I can't even keep up with reading the new ones, and partly because I don't always remember which posts I've commented on and where/whose they were.  Any ideas?  I'd like to know how other bloggers handle this, and is there a consensus on what is "best etiquette" here?

My other question is technical.  For whatever reason, when I'm creating a post, I sometimes have trouble getting the program to allow me to type once I've inserted a picture.  The cursor simply will not move, so I'm unable to type anything below the image.  Has anyone else had this problem?  If so, were you able to solve it, and most importantly, how?

Thanks for your help, and as always, for visiting my blog!


  1. I like this one! I was in love with the compass and did several pieces using the compass as a metaphor for finding my way....I like your composition and lovely imagery...speaks to me!
    I try to answer each comment in my comments hope is a person would return to read my comment on their comment? I also try to visit each person who leaves a comment on their site but I never thought of referring them back to my comment page?! I set aside time for this as I get such a good feeling from receiving comments. I'm a little dizzy from on this comment talk! ha

  2. now who is having fun with headlines?! love the piece - it all comes together like butta!
    sometimes I switch to the html tab if I'm having trouble typing in the box or want to move a bunch of photos around. I don't, however, touch the code:) When I get an email notification about a comment (yay!) the person's 'name' is often a link to their bio, which has a blog address. that's usually how I respond, let me know if that's not what you need - I'm sure there are way more experienced people out there!

  3. i love it! i love the idea and the composition, and i'm a fan of little metal pieces, too...also, i really like elements of direction, maps and such-- they give a feel of mystery and seeking, and plan...? dunno.

    blogger questions... i agree, switch to html when you have a problem. i usually do my posts in html anyway (i just host my photos on gmail's picassa, and they provide you with the code to put the photo in your blog, so you just stick that bit in wherever you want it, and write the rest normally).

    comments--sometimes i feel silly responding? but other times i do respond, on the post, especially if i'm answering a question that others might also have? and any time you leave a comment, there's a box you can check that says "email follow-up comments to...your email," and they all come to your inbox as one long conversation, not a million different ones, easy to scan.
    for example, since i'm writing a novel here, i answered the remedios varo book question... :D

  4. I go back and check blogs for answer comments from the blogger, but I don't always remember. Because I know which folks I usually comment on, it keeps it simpler... I like the getting answers as I develop a relationship with the other bloggers that way, much more personal. However, I also don't take it personally if someone doesn't respond to my comment as I get how busy we all are!

  5. If it's a question that may interest a lot of people, I reply in the comments thread and notify the commenter. If it's a personal question, I simply reply to the commenter and if there's no url or e-mail, I simply reply (if it's a question) in the comments section. Don't you wish there was a blogger's manual on etiquette?

  6. OK, I know I've already commented once but I had to visit again to declare that your comment on my post is perfectly magically wonderful!
    your artist friend:)

  7. i like the theme, it feels adventurous and windy somehow.

    which place that you visit on this particular vacation?

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  9. Thanks, May Ann, Patti. I will try the html thing next time.

    Zoe,I know what you mean- it seems silly to reply if no one reads it. thanks for the kind words about the piece!

    Milkcan- yes, blogger etiquette... I bet there's a blog about that! lol

    Thanks, Robyn; I'm glad you picked up on the "windy" feeling. I went to Washington, DC, to visit my son.

  10. these collages just get better . . this one looks very confident!

  11. if there is an email with the comment, I try to replay directly to that email. If there isn't, I visit their blog and leave a comment on an entry. Sometimes I will reply in my own comments, but I always doubt whether the person will read them as I never return to read if someone responds to my comment.
    But having two little ones and hardly any computer time as it is, I hope people forgive me if I am not able to rely or comment back.

  12. I always go back to posts where I've commented if I have time, to see what everyone else has to say. and I put my pictures in last so I can work around the cursor thing which happens to me sometimes too. I can do html but I hate to take the time unless absolutely necessary. Watch your post, a little something is coming, and I LOVE my free stuff!

  13. Love your collage...thanks for commenting on my Haute Couture dresses...I really appreciate your input. I know what you mean about the no reply comment when someone leaves a comment. I too love getting comments and WANT to reply to everyone that leaves one but so many have this no reply that I started just going to the person´s
    blog and leaving something there...I feel it is better than nothing at all. Plus, I see this saves a lot of time rather than trying to figure out how to find an email address for someone...I´d rather be making more art:) as we all would.
    Cynthia Schelzig...Cynnie
    yeah, and this follower thing is driving me nuts:) it uses my full name but my blog is Cynnie so what happened to you...they don´t associate the full name with the Cynnie...I think I will resort to just using it and forgetting the nickname...I am tired of typing BOTH so people will even realize that I follow them :) Have a great day!!

  14. Its been great catching up on posts, Sharmon. Your work always delights and this one immediately caught my attention.

    I'm also a bit undecided about the comment thing. At one stage I would just hit the reply button in my mail box but several of those came back mail failure so now I answer comments on my blog knowing that most readers won't return to read it.... but I'm often surprised how many people do comment about the comments. On the other hand I will read the comments on a previous post when returning to a blog to read a new post. I do need a few more hours in my day though!!!


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