Thursday, August 12, 2010

June Bug Versus Hurricane

I dunno about this one, but I call it June Bug Versus Hurricane (thanks to Lucinda Williams for the title), because that's about how I'm feeling right now.  Trying to get ready for my solo show, which takes place in a town several hours away (I know, it's not until October, but I like to start freaking out in advance!), and with school about to start, it's a bit overwhelming.  But I'm just trusting that I'll be able to glide on the wind, so it's all good!

Ingredients:  Rives BFK, acetate, watercolor, acrylic ink, monotype cut-outs.


  1. Lovely piece, and I love Lucinda Williams..... good luck with your show. I have one coming up in October, too... just a few pieces, I'm not ready to freak out about it yet! Maybe after the school year starts in a couple weeks....

  2. I so love the mix of colors and the movement. How many pieces do you need?
    Freaking out early is always will be relaxed or worn out for the opening...congratulations!

  3. Hi Sharmon,,,wonderful...the slide show to the had me talking out loud to it:)
    Is your header new too...or was I just blinded by it´s beauty before?
    Good luck with your will be a stunner I am sure!

  4. Glide away, sister, because you're right, it's all good...


  5. c'est une belle création , très spontané et en mouvement!

  6. Sharmon!

    I love the title of this one and the chaotic feel of the painting!



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