Sunday, June 27, 2010

Collage Workshop with Randel Plowman

What could be more fun than learning new techniques from collage artist Randel Plowman?  You're right- nothing!  I had the privilege and pleasure of attending Randel's collage workshop at Northern Kentucky University yesterday.  The time flew by as we learned about possibilities for collage materials, various types of glues and mediums (I love glue!), image transfers, and lots of other cool stuff. 

Our first project was a series of 2 1/2" by 4" five-minute collages, using materials given to us in a little plastic bag- yikes!  Just the thought of having to do anything in five minutes is scary for me, as I am normally a perfectionist with two speeds: slow as molasses in January, and slower than molasses in January. This was a great loosening-up exercise, and I actually started to enjoy it, because who expects greatness in five minutes?  Here are some of my results:

We also learned an interesting technique for making collages using heat from an iron.  It was kind of labor-intensive, but I liked the results because the pieces turn out so nice and flat.

Then we tried some image transfers.  The piece below was my best attempt; I call it "Happy Rooster" because I was so happy with how it turned out!

Randel was extremely generous with both his knowledge and materials, and gave us lots of freedom to play and explore.  I also enjoyed meeting and interacting with the other artists at the workshop.  There were graphic designers, teachers, print makers, hobbyists, writers and who knows what else, all there to learn about collage.  What a great way to spend a hot, humid Saturday!


  1. This is such an exciting collection of new experiments! The nude from behind is my favorite but the rooster really is great too...they all are so lively.

    Looks as though you're opening the door to summer with some wondeful fresh energy of play! Yay you!

  2. this all looks great!! Sounds like a great day. Would love to know what the technique with the iron was.

  3. What fun! Meeting new people, learning new ways and a great instructor! I'm fond of the rooster and the one before it...all are well balanced! I love glue too!

  4. Making something spur of the moment is quite fun.

    I usually put some music on, cut something out and go from there. Not always successful, but fun.

    That's why I recently started with Scrapiteria....given a theme (which I do not really like to do) and come up with something. I'm learning to reach outside my comfort zone and besides, all those folks there are way better than I am.


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