Friday, June 25, 2010

The Product of Matter Times Light...

The product of matter times light
 equals something far beyond the sum 
of their parts (if we knew what those were)

a question incandescently answered 
by selected sudden instants
of time,

and written in unnamed colors
so unexpectedly right
you can forget to breathe;

 a random unraveling
of particles or waves,
science has no name for what this is

it's a synergy of secrets
beyond parameters of ordinary sight,

it's a matter of mystery
when you multiply by light.


  1. dear Sharmon-wow! I love your art! It is so rich and...the colors and effects are lush, rich...heavy with emotion. You should post your painting process-I would love to see how you work!
    thanks so much for visiting my blog-I am glad you found me too! You mentioned that you were interested in India-have you visited? I could bore you with my India stories:)I am going to peruse through your blog and see some more of your stunning work!

  2. These are beautiful as well as the words. I am so fond of the butterfly...speaking of forgetting to take a breath!!

  3. Wow, Sharmon. Beautiful images along with beautiful words. I really enjoyed this post!!


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