Sunday, June 20, 2010

BloggersUnite for The Gulf & Save Our Planet // Bloggers Unite

I have always tried to keep politics out of my blog as much as possible, but I feel this is the time to make (sort of) an exception to my rule.  I'm not going to give you my political opinions, or try to persuade you to adopt my views; I am only doing this because I think there are others out there who might be wondering how they can help in any possible way.

 The horrendous and unimaginable disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has left me feeling helpless, and at a complete loss for what to do.  Yet I so desperately want to do something.  So I have joined Bloggers Unite in their efforts to do what they can to help.  If you want to join, and/or send an email to your legislators, click here:
BloggersUnite for The Gulf & Save Our Planet // Bloggers Unite

 Another thing you can do is to donate to the Sierra Club.  Apparently, Rush Limbaugh asked his listeners, "When do we ask the Sierra Club to pick up the tab for this leak?" and blamed "the greeniacs" for driving oil drilling offshore.  So Sierra Club started a campaign to collect at least $125,000 for the cleanup in his name:
Help Rush Limbaugh Become Sierra Club's Top Fundraiser

You can also sign this petition to let our lawmakers know you're in favor of finding alternative energy sources NOW.
Let's Move Beyond Oil

The Audubon Society's Action Page also gives good information on ways you can help.  To volunteer, sign a petition, donate, or help in other ways, click here.

Thanks for indulging me; I'm just trying to help.


  1. Oh, I didn't need to hear that about Rush... well, actually I did, so thank you - that may just inspire movement!

  2. I decided on Sierra Club for my donations a week or so ago. I know they are aware of all that is happening. Heartbreaking.

  3. Patti- I hear ya!

    Maryann- thanks for donating. My best friend lives in New Orleans, lost her house in Katrina; now she is totally heartbroken.


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