Saturday, January 3, 2009

Please help me decide!

I'm still working on the whole logo/letterhead/business card deal. Here are four more attempts, and I'd really appreciate it if everyone could give me their honest opinion. Which is best, and why? Or, if they all suck, that's fine, but what can I do to improve them? (Oh my god, I sound like a teacher!) Better ideas than these are certainly welcome; sometimes you get stuck in a particular mindset and it's hard to get out of that "box" once you're in there. So please, help me out of the box!


  1. Hi Sharmon!

    Well, these are really cool and I'm glad to see that you've modified from what you had originally done.

    The last one is the best in my opinion. The reason I like it is the stronger detail with the wing. I like the emphasis on the wing in this last one better than the third one. So that is my choice, and it immediately was the one that grabbed my attention.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Sharmon
    I also love the wing and the shell however my eye reads the first design with the most ease, every part is very clear. Plus the colors are lovely and bring to mind what I've seen of your work.
    good luck!

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  4. Sharmon-
    Out of the four the last one caught my eye first. I like the definition of the text as compared to the less intense version above it. Great ideas all!


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