Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New camera!!

Okay, long story short (or maybe not): I have not had a camera since last summer. I was taking pictures while standing on a rock in the middle of the Kinneyconnick Creek. Of course, I had to stand there to get a better shot of - whatever it was. So the camera slips out of my hands and lands on a rock- striking right in the middle of the lens (what are the odds?), resulting in a big scrape on the glass, which causes a big floopy blurry spot on all my pictures.
I set out to buy a new camera, but couldn't decide what kind to get; if you've been reading my blog you'll see several references to my inability to make decisions, and this is a lot of money we're talking about here. My son would come up every once in while and photograph the artwork that was too big for the scanner, so I continued to put it off.
I finally ordered one on December 29, because to get the special deal I had to order before December 31. It came yesterday, so I'm very excited, and this morning it was raining ice, which reminded me of last year when we had an ice storm. The sun came out afterward, making everything sparkle because it was encased in ice, like this magnolia tree I took pictures of. So if it happens again, I'm ready. Oh, and I got a strap for this camera.

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  1. The pictures of the ice are GREAT! I'm always fascinated by the way the ice encapsulates things. Reminds me of something being encased in glass.

    Congrats on the new camera.


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