Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Real Snow!

I realize that this isn't a big deal to many of you, but we don't often get a foot of snow in Kentucky, so I'm excited! Snow just floated down like big white feathers, it streaked sideways in the wind, it fell in buckets and just kept coming. Then the shiny ice pellets came, sounding like millions of june bugs tapping on the windows. This was followed by- guess what?- more snow!

Since we've been off all week (believe it or not, we teachers are more excited than the kids), I've had time to work on art, and also to try out my new camera. I stood on my back porch and took pictures of birds at the feeder about 30 feet away; if had set up the tripod (not really practical in the snow) and zoomed in all the way, I could have taken pictures of their eyeballs. I LOVE this camera!

I call this cardinal Marilyn because she loves to pose- or really, she's probably just a glutton because she's always at the feeder. I thought she was beautiful, though, and she didn't flit around as much as the smaller birds. Did you know that birds can move astonishingly quickly? Unbelievable! I really did need a tripod.

Hey! I just found out we have another snow day tomorrow! Whoo-hoo!


  1. Your photos are absolutely stunning! I was too lazy to even go outside and take any - nothing like through the window:)
    Is Taylor Mill in Northern Kentucky? Looks like you got hit with the same weather we had in Lexington - only ours was mostly ice... lots of cracking limbs.
    Glad you had a chance to play - come back and visit again soon!

  2. These are great Sharmon! Up here in NY we got a similar mix, but more of the ice, then some rain, then more ice, so the snow wasn't looking so pretty. Glad you got your snow days!!
    Marilyn is a stunner :) and your camera - wow!! Is it a special lens? or is this just an as is a fabulous piece of equipment?!

  3. Love your photos. Beautiful.

    And I ALWAYS enjoy seeing pictures of cardinals. They were my mom's favorite birds; had them in Illinois, where I grew up, but they are no where to be seen in Colorado.

    The new camera must be great fun. Oh, and the pictures of the snow are lovely too.


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