Monday, January 17, 2011

A Slice of My Life

First, I want to welcome and thank my new followers.  I'm grateful, and a bit surprised, that people actually want to see what I create and read the words I write.  Thanks for joining me.

On Saturday morning, I got up as the sun was just beginning to peak over the horizon,

painting the darkness with a streak of deep, glowing crimson...

I sat in the chair by the window in my studio, and sipped my coffee, drinking in the peace and quiet...

 ...watching as, bit by bit, the sky grew brighter...

...and the pink stripes faded into winter gray.

I saw smoke, and looked out to see a tree stump burning in the back yard; my husband was already outside, working.

Uh-oh... the dogs spotted me at the window, and ran to the door hoping to be let in.  But first, I had something I needed to do without being trompled on by three boisterous and overly- affectionate dogs.

In my attempt to become more organized, thus saving myself the frustration and lost time spent searching for things, I bought two Alvin spin-o-trays.  I can't tell you how excited I am about this- kind of pathetic, I know- but besides having three tiers of different sized holes with larger compartments on the bottom, it also spins around like a lazy susan.  What could be cooler than that, right?

This means that not only can I see all my Derwent watercolor pencils, Inktense pencils, Graphitint pencils, scissors, knives, brushes and whatnot- I can reach them.  And just look how nice and neat my drafting table looks now.  I don't know if you're impressed, but I am.

To me, that's a good Saturday morning.  Thanks for joining me.  How did yours go?


  1. WEll I am definitely impressed!
    I gotta get my inky paws on some those spinning things...speaking of paws....ahhhhh look at those three cuties ,,,I hope they have been left in by now:) Don´t you just love sunrises. The whole back side of my house is exposed to the sunrise and every morning I have a show of lights that is beyond real....what a way to welcome each new day that never was. Make your day a good one ...

  2. Hey, Sharmon. Great pics! Btw... I also have those trays and Love, love them!!

  3. What a beautiful start to the day.And yes, I am impressed and quite envious too of your spinny pencil holding thingies. What a virtous feeling to be so organised.

  4. YEAH- for spinny things!! Yeah for art spaces of creativity AND YEAH for dogs, husbands that work to hard and sunrises- hugs to you- teri

  5. Glowing crimson - yes! and wow! What a lovely picture you've painted with words. Being impressed with new art supplies affects us all, and becomes an inspiration in itself! In fact, you might give the trays to someone who would like them so you can experience the pleasure of getting more in future :) heehee.

    Organisation is the best way to start a good year. I'm starting by organising my mind.

  6. This is the year to get organized inside and out...what better way than with Cool Studio Stuff ...these clearly qualify...yippee Saturday morning and what a gorgeous sky....and of course the sweet trio waiting to get warm...
    good life.

  7. wow, sharmon, those trays are *nice*! it's so great to be able to reach what you need when you need it; i've been in a big reorganizing thing lately, and it's made such a difference. it makes me want to sit down and work because everything's so handy. but these trays, lol, would make things even handier...

    thank you for sharing the images from your morning...


  8. Great post, Sharmon! I love your photos and thoughts. What a wonderful way to start the day.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that draws all over my working surface. I keep sheets of foam board on top of my drafting table and other work stations for just that purpose.

    Happy Creating!


  9. First - OMG that pink streak was gorgeous!! what a beautiful sky to greet your day with!
    Secondly, yup, I'm impressed!! Of course, going into my seventh month of construction and complete utter house chaos - anything that creates order and organization brings peace and calm to my heart! and a deep sense of envy :) Thanks for sharing them as a good tool though, perhaps I'll utilize them in my orderly future!
    xox K

  10. what a magic moment in the morning!!!
    nice really nice!!

  11. Sharmon I AM really impressed and will be on the look out for a few arty lazy susans for myself. It must have been so peaceful sitting at your window watching the sun come up, with the snow surrounding your house and a hot cuppa to keep you cosy.

  12. looks super tidy. I love the light in winter especially as the sun is going down, it's really the only thing except the smell of fresh oil paint, that makes me want to start painting again.

  13. What a wonderful start to the day, Sharmon. These pics are beautiful indeed.

    Your trays are stunning ... unfortunately I'm not so organised.

    Hope your day is going great!
    Gaby xo

  14. OK, well that might be a bit too tidy for me - ha ha - I am totally impressed with your organization!!
    And that early morning view almost makes me want to get out of bed - were you at home or your weekend place?


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