Saturday, January 1, 2011

All that you hope for...

Hey; long time, no blog!  I have been very busy the last few weeks, working on my submission for Seth's book, with which most of you are probably familiar (correct grammar just for Rice!).  That, along with holiday stuff, has taken up all of my time, including some of the time I would normally spend eating, sleeping, or going to the bathroom.  The deadline for submissions was yesterday, the last day of  2010, which seems fitting.  It feels like the completion of something important, which it was.  So now I'm ready for the new year, and I wanted to share a few thoughts with you.

The designation of January first as the beginning of the year is, of course, arbitrary; in fact, in many cultures and traditions throughout the world, it has, and in some cases still does begin at completely different times.  But to us, and to all the places in the world that have adopted our system, (whether they wanted to or not), this is the day.  We humans are inclined to measure things- to divide the passage of time, for instance, into hours, days, months, years, and centuries- for the sake of organization, and to the provide the order and commonality so necessary for the existence of society.  And it does, after all, take 365.25 days for our planet to orbit the sun, so we had to mark it somewhere.

Consequently, to most of our brains, this is the first day of the new year.  Mentally, we can wipe the slate clean of last year, and potentially, make the next chapter whatever we wish.  (I know, I'm mixing my metaphors here, but whatever- you know what I mean, right?)  The future is like a clean, white sheet of paper, waiting for us to make our marks.  I'll organize my studio, making space for new ideas, attempt to adopt a new attitude about my job, and consider where I want to go next, looking forward to the new year.  I'm hoping that all of you are doing the same; my wish for you is that this year will bring to you all that you hope for.


Astral Journey
Where do we go from here?

p.s.  On a different subject entirely, I just wanted to add a note about the whole "answering-comments-on-your-comments-page-versus-with-personal-emails" thing.  I've asked for opinions before, and have thought about it off and on since then, and have come to sort of a conclusion.  I've noticed that a lot of you have switched to the "no-reply-at blogger..." instead of your email address.  Personally, I prefer to respond to comments through individual emails, and here's why:  I don't think you can really connect with someone by posting a short response on your comments page.  You don't have the opportunity for that back.and-forth exchange that can lead to real friendship.  I like those conversations that give us the chance to get to know someone better.  Also, it's so much easier to answer when all you have to do is click "reply".  So, I will try to go back and respond on my post's comments, but I'll almost always answer if you have an email address I can reply- er, to which I can reply.  Occasionally I forget, but I'm only human.

Responses, anyone?


  1. Happy Oneness!!!! It is so hard to reply to everyone...sometimes I just don't have the energy...but the exchange and friendship that develops is so beautiful I tend to reply via email too for the same reason...but sometimes a visit to a blog feels like the neighborly choice...replying on my blog feels like too much work, most days and again, can't be as intimate.


    ps...when do we get to see your piece for Seth????

  2. Hi Laura! I hear you about having the time and energy to reply; I guess the best I can do will have to be good enough! I don't know when/if we're allowed to reveal our submissions. Obviously, he wouldn't want it all "published" before it's published. But if my work isn't chosen, I'll post it as soon as I find out. :) xox

  3. I've wondered about the replying as well and the noreply is such a roadblock to my good intentions. I always wonder if folks will actually return to the blog to see a reply and then if I reply to someone on the comments and some by email it feels like a lack of consistency to me.
    When I'm on dial-up half the year I can't even get a comment box to load on my own blog so the personal emails are definitely preferable.

    It's been nice making your acquaintance recently and I wish you a very Happy New Year filled with art and inspiration.
    xoxo Kim

  4. I enjoyed reading your little thesis on the New Year. I wish you a year filled with creativity and sparkling color.....oh yeah, and lots of new bookbinding projects:)
    As far as comments go....blogger acts crazy in Germany most of the time and so often it is hard to get a comment in which drives me nuts sometimes. I never leave comments on my own blog as I feel hardly anyone comes back after they leave their initial comment. If there is an email, I always try to answer or try to click onto their blog but sometimes it is difficult to contact the person.
    I do wish everyone would use an email return as I actually prefer
    to click on that and return a little email. I must admit though that I was talking about just this subject with a friend of mine and how much time it takes to search for their blog, try to find their email or contact and before you know it you were sitting in front of your computer for hours when we should be creating art or I personally have to cut down on blogging time this year....and lucky me, I saw the "secret" project already:) Everyone will be jealous when they read this:)
    Have a great weekend Sharmon!

  5. Welcome back and Happy 2011! I've been watching for updates, assuming that you were busy as usual. Keep the flow going!

  6. What a wonderful project to be part of Sharmon! I shall look forward to seeing more of this book!

    New years are marked so differently... and yes ... we humans love that opportunity to wipe clean the slate and mark a new opportunity.I enjoyed your musings on that!

    As to the commenting...I have noticed that people seem to be finding various ways to respond... Im very slow to set up those alternatives .... I ended up s busy at one stage that keeping up was quite the challenge... any which way. I've always gone off line when there was an chance to further a conversation and its seemed best,,,and you are right that can lead to something very enriching.

    Lovely to hear from you Sharmon and I shall enjoy visiting in 2011 t see what wonderful things you are working in and hope full get sight of your gorgeous garden and such!
    Thanks for the inspiration in 2010!

    S x

  7. Happy New Year to you, quite arbitrarily because the calendar tells us it's so, but, as you say, it gives the illusion of helping our world go round at a more regulated pace. However, it's well known (and I can testify to this) that the pace picks up considerably the more years one lives. Whatever rate you're going at, I hope it's one that is filled with inspiration for soul-satisfying creativity and heart-singing colours!

    I will keep my e-mail follow-up box checked when I visit your blog, but I really like the pithiness of onsite blog comments. It's been a real treat to find you and your blog.

  8. Sharmon- You are a wealth of information and insight on so many levels. Things like emailing someone a response never crossed my mind until I "met" you and Cynnie. So I will let you know I truly appreciate the real emails. I was in shock that someone from a blog would email me- The question in my mind is how you do it all!? Congrats on getting your submission done and a wonderful arbitrary new year to you. Hugs - teri

  9. I agree with you about responding by email. I don't always respond to every commenter, but when I do, it's by email. Your reason is an excellent one. I, for one, can't always get back to check on whether someone has commented on her comments page, either. If I had to visit every blog I love twice, I would not get to see everything!

    A very happy new year to you! I'm glad I found your site.

  10. as for the 'no reply' thing, I don't think it's intentional, is it? I think it's something Blogger does sometimes. I don't know why. It might have something to do with a person's profile info?

    Anyway, since I know most of my commenters' emails, I just get rid of the 'no reply' nonsense and email them!

  11. hi sharmon, i like replying by e-mail better for the reasons you mention... i am really trying to make peace with this replying to comments thing. not beating myself up if i don't reply to every one, or take more than a day to do so. blogging presents me with many opportunities to learn about myself!!

    i so love your blog. i've just added you to my sidebar as that seems to be the only way that i keep up with blogging things...


  12. Hi Don! Thanks for your encouragement; it's nice to know you're still there!

    See? Now I can't remember who I've already replied to via email! Rats!

  13. Green Light...
    you go girl
    happy everything in your year ahead.

  14. hey, your blog is looking good, love the moody clouds background. Glad you made the deadline, I'm guessing the collage you posted is what you were working on. It feel beautifully watery while not being water . .. I think!
    Happy, happy new start to you . . . may 2011 be a really good year for us all. much love.

  15. I have never checked if someone has reponded to my blog comments but I always follow up a blog comment with a personal email or a visit to the commenter's blog. I think it's a nice touch- much nicer.

    Submitted to Seth- oh boy! what a project...great stimulation!


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