Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Last Sweet Taste

I wonder if the flowers whisper to one another,

when it's time,

"Make seed!"

 How do they know,

when the sky is still a brilliant crystal blue

and the sun shines bright and warm?

Summer lingers, teasing us

with one last sweet taste,

and then it's gone.


  1. If we could only appreciate the dying as much as the blooming. Deep circuits of when and how embedded into each cell...or a loving whisper from the garden!

  2. Such glorious tributes to this turning time...

    we all simply know when it's time to let our seeds blow on the breeze.

  3. Wonderful photographs...I especially like the sunflower seed head.
    We were teased by summer yesterday but I think its probably gone now....

    Thank you very much for your kind comment. (I've been to thank Lay Hoon as well :-)

  4. Perfect in pictures and in prose

  5. sigh.........
    really lovely photos, and thoughts Sharmon. this is my favorite time of year, and you've captured the quiet winding down that makes it special to me.
    much love, Karin

  6. beauty, beauty, in every shifting've caught it like a lightning bug in a jar...right here for us to view! Thank you sweet soul.

  7. Hello

    Beautiful post!! I love waterlilies!! They are so lovely!
    It seems like you had a great time
    at Camp Joy. The pond(lake?)looks so beautiful and peaceful with lots of waterlilies.
    As for the plants in the fourth and fifth photos, I suppose they might be lotuses because the stems rise above the surface toward the heavens and they have round leaves without lacinias. I've posted about lotuses. If you are interested in lotuses, please take a glance at my old post.


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