Friday, October 8, 2010

What Frogs?!!

If you've followed my blog the for last month or so, you might remember that I went to a place in Ohio called Camp Joy, where I spent three fun-filled days with a huge gaggle (that is the proper word, right?) of 8th-graders.

 There was a lovely little pond, complete with cattails and waterlilies, which was used for some of the nature classes.  I was taking photos, as usual, when one of the camp leaders brought a group of students out to look for reptiles and amphibians.

"Look, there's one!" yelled a student, not three feet away from where I stood. 
"I see two over here," another called back. I looked into the pond, but saw nothing unusual.
"What is it?" I asked the boy next to me.
"A frog," he replied.  I leaned over and peered into the water.  I could hear kids all around the pond proclaiming that they'd "found one".
"Where?" I still saw nothing except water lilies and algae.

 "Right there."  He pointed at an indeterminate spot in the water, as if I could see exactly where he was looking.
"I still don't see it," I told him.
"There's another one over there, by that leaf- see?"  He ran off to join his friend, leaving me to wonder, which leaf?  Try as I might, I could not see a single frog, and so, frustrated, I went back to taking pictures.

I had a good time, and took some nice shots.  I really didn't give another thought to frogs- that is, until I got home and loaded the pictures onto my computer.  As I began clicking through them, I couldn't believe it- right there in front of my face- frogs!  They were everywhere!

There are three in this photo...  Can you spot them?  Click the pic to enlarge if you need to.

This one, I'm pretty sure, was having a good laugh at my expense.  (Oops!- I mean, these two- I just spotted another one!)

 There are at least three in this photo...

How did I miss this one?  I can just hear it laughing its little froggy laugh...

This one's got quite a nerve, hasn't he?


 Well, I'm saying it's the bifocal thing.  I really don't know what part of my glasses to look through unless I know exactly where I'm looking.  Anyway, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


  1. What a hoot! I can't wear bifocals so am continually darting glances above and below my glasses.

  2. so much fun!!!! your photos are fab...and the kids must have loved seeing the frogs when you couldn't!

    I've given up on bi-focals...have decided I like to see blurry...monet before his cataracts got really bad!

  3. That's great fun. As I looked at your pictures, I couldn't see the frogs either! Can I blame my problems on your bifocals, too?

  4. that's so funny! my son is always pointing things out to me that I can't see. :)

  5. Great photos Sharmon and I love your commentary too!
    ~ Kathleen

  6. De Light Full

    Your posts always make me smile.


  7. Hi Don! Should I put answers to the "find the frogs" puzzle in my next post? And yes, you can blame anything you want on my bifocals- I hate them.

    Thanks, Kathleen; I'm glad you enjoyed my little frog tale.

  8. Donna- it's always my pleasure to make you smile!

  9. Hi Sharmon thanks for your good wishes for my was nice of you to visit my blog .....I love your photographs and the frogs !.....

  10. Love all the photos, but the last one with the one frog out sunning and the other sitting in the shade from the lily pad....classic!
    Beautiful photos~~thanks for visiting my blog!



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