Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Thoughts...

The apples are almost ripe...

There are still some blooms left in the garden, so I'm enjoying them while I can... 

Lots of butterflies, too, but the dang things won't hold still!

I'm sure I've probably mentioned this at least four or five hundred times, but it bears repeating: I hate framing.  I mean, I hate it to the extent that I would rather go to the dentist (no lie) than frame artwork.  Isn't that pathetic?

But that's what I've done for the past two days, so I'm a bit cranky.

This has been a horribly hot summer, and the most humid on record for this part of the country.  My dogs did not enjoy the heat at all.  Is that why they call the end of summer the "dog days"?- because the dogs are sick of it, already!

We saw their tongues a lot this summer...  Scout and Sunny seemed to take it in stride a little better than Arlo did...

He looked miserable when we were out in the country...

But that could have been a ploy to get the choice spot on the couch!

Well, I told you they were random...

I hope your summer is ending well, and that you're enjoying every last minute!


  1. We had the best crop of apples this year, all laid out now in trays to store for the next months. Looks like you have a similar crop. All that sun gave you a great harvest!! Beautiful shots of the butterflies.

  2. Wonderful captures with the camera...ahhh the poor cute doggies...the heat must be terrible for them,,,and I could not agree more...I hate framing!!! I´d rather iron a big batch of clothing...and I hate ironing,heck I only use that thing for doing a random resist technique now and I feel for you with the framing job...good luck! p.s. I finally figured out how to get rid of my grey, faceless icon....ahhh the marvels of technology....
    have a great day,,,

  3. everyone had at least one job like that that they really hate!
    Lovely to see pictures of all the flowers and ,yes, even the dying ones look beautiful.
    p.s Thanks for becoming my 13 th fan!

  4. Hi Sharmon,
    I just read a comment you left on my blog - might have been some time ago. Anyway thanks for the fine comment! Then I read your profile and thought "Aah! She is interessted in the same things as I am": art, environment, art, dogs, art etc, get the picture! Love the pics of your apples, dogs and fading summer garden. Of course, here, we are just gearing up for Spring. After a wet, wet winter, bring it on!

  5. Very admirable to get on with something so entirely loathed!
    Arlo ... as in Guthrie?! -J

  6. Mmmm...the apples look wonderful. Love the pics!! Sorry about the miserable time!!

  7. ending flowing into beginning...of course. Love your random goodness here.

  8. i can't imagine anything worse than going to the dentist, so framing must be really, really bad! i love those butterflies-did you bribe them to alight?

  9. from apples to hot dogs and summer blooms-- looks like you are ready for a bit cooler autumn weather.

  10. I share your distaste for framing, and I am completely useless at it as well. So I bite the bullet and have it done professionally. I don't have a lot of choice in the matter.... Finally cooler here.. thank goodness!

  11. hey just because we are artists, doesn't mean we have to LOVE framing... I would love to release it!!

  12. I can imagine how tiresome that must be but when they are all framed it must be satisfying to look at your work ready to go to new homes. I find carving my name on the back of my totems tiresome, especially when there are several to do.

  13. Hi Annie, you're right about the apples; this was a good year for them, despite the heat. I guess all the rain earlier in the summer must have helped!

    Cynnie, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about framing; I agree with you about the ironing, too! I'm also glad you got rid rid of your gray face!

    Thanks, Whitney! I guess we all have to have a nemesis, right? thanks for the compliment on the photos!

    Thanks for stopping by, Susie! It's so strange to think think Spring is just beginning where you are; I hope you enjoy it!

    Jayne- I do appreciate the support! I really have no choice, though, but to get on with it, and getting it over with is a good feeling! Arlo, as in Guthrie, yes...

    Thanks for the sympathy, Manon! But as my said so well when he was about three, "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!" (Women, too!) :)

    Hi Laura- the cycles of life go on...

    Hi, Standing! Framing is just frustrating and tedious, and when you have to take one apart and re-do it because there's a piece of lint in there, or the frame doesn't line up right... grrrr! No, I didn't bribe the butterflies, unless you count the flowers as bribery.. I just sit very still for a long time...

    Hi Donna! Thankfully, the weather is starting to turn cooler, and I'm really enjoying it!

    Valerianna- I would sooooo pay someone to do the framing if I could; maybe someday... (a girl can dream, can't she?)

    Hi Cat- I guess I'm not alone in my dread of framing; but it's unavoidable. Or... I could start doing sculpture... lol

    You're right, Robyn; the upside is seeing them all framed; there's a lot of satisfaction in that!


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