Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Things About Winter

 I have to admit it- I'm not really a big fan of winter. Where I live, winter is made of gray skies, ugly brown hills, and mud (if it's not below freezing).  Snow is pretty, and sometimes gets me a day off from work (yay!), but we don't get much of that.  I don't do well without adequate light, and cold weather just makes me want to curl up and hibernate.

So, I'm trying to learn to go with the flow, because, obviously, I can't fight it.   I probably won't exactly fall in LOVE with it, but my goal is to at least accept winter with a modicum of grace.  Or, if that proves impossible, to stop whining about it quite so much.  To that end, I decided to make a list of the good things about winter.

1.  You don't have to mow the lawn.  (Okay, that one's really lame, I agree.)


2.  Snow is pretty amazing; it makes the world look fresh and clean, like a brand new sheet of paper.

3.  It gives the trees and other plants a chance to rest.

4.  Bare branches look lovely against the sky.

5.  It makes Spring seem so magical when it finally arrives.

6.   A cozy fire in the fireplace is deliciously  enjoyable.

7.  With not as much to do outside, I have more time, when I'm home, to make art. 

8.  It gives me this great opportunity to become more open and to grow as a person.   Hahaha!  Well, I'm making an effort, anyway.  I'm sure I'll think of more good things about winter, and when I do, I'll let you know! 

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  1. Found your blog today and it is wonderful. I will definitely check back often.
    Your photos are breathtaking!!!

  2. Great post Sharmon!! Embracing winter makes it so much more enjoyable!!

  3. I am NOT a fan of cold, that's why I love living in the desert. But, I will sure enjoy your photos of winter. Thanks for them. Beautiful! -Don

  4. I'm with you on everything except the mowing lawns. I love mowing lawns.

  5. wonderful photos, I always enjoy seeing through your artist eye...and listening to what you have percolating as you post...good medicine always.

  6. I love your reasons to like winter!! I feel about summer, the way you do about winter! Though there is much about summer I love - the fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, butterflies and other beauties of the insect world, I cannot tolerate the heat and humidity, and the sun tends to exacerbate my health issues - plus, the biggest thing I like about winter is I get to where cozy clothes - sweaters, pants, scarves...! One other thing I'd add to your list - the absence of leaf blowers :)

  7. Thanks, everyone! -Don, I envy right now, living in the desert! Oops, that doesn't sound much like I'm learning to love winter, does it?


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