Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Big Snow of the Winter

This past week was our first week back after winter break, and, as luck would have it, our first real snow of the winter.  Consequently, we actually had only two days of school, which is a nice way to ease back into it, in my opinion!  

It's so cold, Arlo is willing to cuddle up with Sophie, despite the risk of getting his nose scratched!

Now, granted, what qualifies as real snow in Kentucky might seem laughable to some of you; we had four to five inches.  Okay, I can hear you laughing.  However, like much of the country, we've had record-breaking cold temperatures, so the snow on the side streets that weren't cleared just froze.  School buses don't skate well.

One of my favorite gifts this Christmas was this fantastic bird feeder, from my sister-in-law, Donna.  It had not been in use very long when the snow hit, so naturally I was out on the back porch taking photos like mad until my finger was too frozen to push the shutter button. 

The birds had white beaks from digging down into the snow to find seeds...

The cadmium red cardinals were so unbelievably bright against the white of the snow; they were almost orange. 


This little guy was adorable!   I'll have to look this up, but I think he's a titmouse?

I'll have to look this one up as well...

A female red-head woodpecker- apparently she lets her mate wear the pretty red hat, but he refused to pose for me.

Another cardinal waits in the tree for his turn at the food...

while his mate says, "Come on, hurry up!"  or maybe, "Back off, it's all mine!"

The dogs get all revved up when it's cold outside, just like kids playing in the snow.

Arlo runs through the snow like a little maniac! 

It's too cold to stay out for long, though.  Sunny stands on his hind legs and peeks in the back door window when they want in... 

Bye for now!


  1. lovely and I would never laugh at anyone who doesn't usually experience SNOW the way we do. it really freaks people out and I totally understand that!
    your photos are awesome, loved them all but the close ups of your pets and the birds are wonderful! thanks!

  2. Wonderful pics, Sharmon. As a reminder, I shared this link about a year ago to a gallery of local birds - Your little friend is a chickadee, and it's wonderful to see that the titmouse/s/es/mice have come back to your feeders once again. My feeders here in Loveland get emptied each day, as I live at the end of the woods, and must be in a convenient fly-in location. Enjoy your creatures, great and small.

  3. Really great shots Sharmon - I wish I could zoom in and get the clarity you do! You are right, tufted titmouse, and chickadee dee dee!! Which looks kind of similar to the nuthatches to me, and we have been getting as well. It's nice to have these varieties outnumbering the usual sparrows! I just love them all. A pair of resident cardinals visit, too :) Last winter I got my husband a heated bird bath, which is just great, since it never freezes. I got the ground level version so the squirrels will gather around the edge to drink as well. One day the water had evaporated (which thankfully doesn't ruin it!) and there were three mourning doves sitting in it warming their bellies!
    You have more snow than we do up here - anything that needs a shovel counts!!
    xxoo Karin

  4. Hi Sharmon!!

    Your photos are terrific!! The colors of the birds are stunning!! I love the cardinal!! No wonder you love that bird feeder so much!!

  5. great bird photos Sharmon! You really caught some personality in them...sorry your fingers had to freeze to get these terrific photos...I'm strictly a through the window photographer when it gets cold!

  6. Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments!

    Cat, I don't know how you survive all that snow out there- you're a braver woman than I!

    Don, thanks, I did check out the link you sent me; it's good some really good info. I was too tired to look them up when I was posting, and my bird book seems to have flown off somewhere!

    Thanks, Karin,it's the camera that gets the credit for the photos; I bought it because of the lens! I'm glad you're enjoying the birds as much as I am. Hmmm, a heated birdbath? I'll have to think about that one...

    Thanks, Manon! I really do love my bird feeder- funny how it's the little things that make us happy!

    Thanks, Laura; I love taking pictures of the birds, but I'm not really fond of cold weather, either. I actually cut off the end of one of the fingers on my glove so I could feel the shutter button!


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