Monday, September 5, 2011

The Same Thing, Only Different (Sunflowers)

Sunflowers.  Not exactly where I would have chosen to plant them, but there they are- so why not enjoy them, right?

They are the essence of Summer, in all its glory...

Their bright colors and happy little "faces" always make me smile...

even as they begin to droop...

and bend under their own weight.

This one almost reaches the gutter...!

Their centers, with that lovely complex pattern...

 made them Fibonacci's favorite flower...

 As the seeds ripen,

the birds will enjoy the feast...

 until all the sunflowers look like this, and then...

like this.

Goodbye, Summer!  I'll miss you...


  1. I have sunflower envy! I sometimes have some, but I have to plant VERY early in order for them to thrive here in the forest.... this year I didn't get to it. And I NEVER have huge, tall ones. Someday I want giant ones. I so love them, but for now, tucked as I am in the mossy forest, I'll have to admire yours.

  2. I love these babies too and so do the squirrels and the crows so having a seed get past the sprout stage is a true wonder in itself.

    Fab fotos.

  3. Just like the evolution of a mixed media piece.

    And thanks for another lovely header to regale us with today!

  4. Sunflowers are beautiful in all their forms--and so are your photographs. I do like the rough texture of the last photo best-- beauty in death. On the brighter side, nice depth in the third photograph.

  5. oh I really enjoy sunflowers .. the way they turn their heads .. and the size they become. and that they create food.. special plants..

  6. I do love your sunflower story- Next year I WILL remember to plant sunflowers! What is really interesting is I posted an image of sunflowers (huge heavily bowed sunflowers)on my September 5 post as well. The image became a writing prompt for me that day. I took the photo out my car window in the pouring rain with my cell phone! Digital photoshop love gave it just the look I wanted.


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