Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello, I Love You- and a Give Away

Hello all!  You may or may not have noticed my absence lately, but I wanted to explain.... There are several things keeping me away from blogland, but the biggest culprit is the increased workload at my job; the beginning of the school year has been overwhelming, taking up most of my "art-making" time.  Also, I've had computer problems, not least of which is the apparent comatose state of my printer, which means I cannot print out images for transfers, nor can I scan anything, which is how I usually get images of my smaller pieces, which is all I have time to make right now. (whew! did you follow that?)  On top of all that, my mouse was working only intermittently, and not without much coaxing and cursing.  The mouse seems to be all better now, but the printer, alas, must undergo more tests and possibly a hospital stay, if I can find someone to fix it.  OK, blah. blah, blah, whine, whine, whine- enough about that.

Now for the good news: I've wanted to do a give-away for a while now, so this seemed like an opportune time.  I so appreciate the wonderful people of this online community; your support and encouraging messages have meant so much to me, and always lift my spirits.  Whenever I ask for your opinions or advice, you invariably come through with insightful and practical ideas.  As my 8th-graders would say: you guys are BEAST!  As a thank-you, I'll be giving away one of my small collages, But Still (shown below),

 But Still

as well as a package of decorative papers and vintage book pages (examples shown below).

So, this is how it will work:  Leave a comment on this post, and your name will be included in the drawing.  You don't have to be a follower, just a commenter.  If you "like" my facebook business page, your name will be put in twice.  Then, on Spetember 30, I'll toss all the names on the floor, and one of my goofy dogs (whichever one is handy) will "sniff out" the winner.

 Arlo (left), Scout (center), and Sunny (right)

(cuter when they're asleep)

FYI, I'll be participating in Seth Apter's "Paper Stacks" fun on Wednesday, September 21 at The Altered Page.  Be sure to check it out!


  1. well, i wondered where you had gone off to! welcome back to blogland. i understand the printer woes-i am currently totally without one. so, count me in! hear that, puppies?
    or rather, smell that???

  2. I am a fairly new reader, but I was wondering "where did that collage person get to!" It's hard to fit everything into our days and sometimes the picture making gets put aside. I hope you have more time now to devote to your creations. By the way, I love your header image. I've been wanting to try using cheese cloth in a watercolor, and your artwork is giving me the confidence go ahead.



  3. sorry about your printer
    love your work thanks for the give away

  4. Sounds like my summer--I fell off the earth for a while for all the same reasons. Sounds like its time for a new printer. Interesting selection committee!

  5. Greetings,

    I can fully understand how easy it is to get caught up in other matters and then being pulled away from blogging. I myself am very guilty of this and sometimes i wonder why I have a number of blogs.

    One just has to set priorities and of course family, work and creativity come first before blogging. Never the less updates now and then are always welcomed.

    Please count me in.

    Wishing you all the best,

  6. sorry to hear of your troubles and the corresponding decrease in play time for you. Hope at least your printer/scanner gets sorted out soon. Please,please,please, nice doggies pick my name!!!!

  7. This is a really generous give-a-way...not so sure of your pickers...maybe put little treats in the mix to keep the interest!
    Life pulls at us and it is so easy to let our hearts desires get put on the shelf...that is the good thing about the blogs...keeping us connected to our stories, our efforts, our questions and whatever else pertains to just 'us'!
    Love 'But Still'!

  8. Who ever thought computers would make life easier? They obviously didn't envisage the zillion ways their cantankerous nature could disrupt our lives. Hope all is now resolved and that we see more, and more, great collages.
    Put me on the list for this fab parcel please, pretty please.

  9. The puppies are smellin' ya, rraine- you're entered!

    willows- thanks for entering, and for the "like"; you're entered twice!

    Bill- you're looking awfully young these days! I wondered where you were... the fountain of youth, apparently! thanks for entering!

  10. Sharmon- My scanner and printer are currently working- by computer however has duct tape and a band-aid (not kidding) holding the ac adapter plug in place...I am being very careful until the computer guy can look at it! Your collage is lovely and if you would put a bit of peanut butter on my name before you toss it on the ground that would be nice. xo teri

  11. Is it possible to notice someone by their absence? Indeed it is. Thanks for the heads-up about your give-away, and the sad story of your scanner woes, for which you have my deepest sympathy and profound hope that a happy solution is found post-haste (or a new scanner, if it comes to that). And thanks for the encouragement to keep on truckin' with my Tarot Series. It's temporarily stalled but the next card is in the planning stages.

    Would the excuse, "I won the give-away but the dog ate my entry" work?

  12. Oh, dear Sharmon, I feel for you having problems with computer, printer, mouse... I was without it for 2 months and felt quite disabled (funny how addictive and dependent we become without realizing it).
    Give away sounds well! Please count me in.

  13. Your plate has been full. Sorry for your computer woes- that would send this addict up a wall. I hope they straighten out soon. The give away sounds great, but alas I'm not allowed to play with scissors till I can handle my paint brush with facility.

  14. My sympathies on your computer woes! I've been having that same obstacle to blogging myself. It's nice to see you back. :)

  15. Oh dear.. I hate when the technology of our work is down! Good luck getting back up to snuff.

  16. Wishing you less stress and a problem free week!
    Love your collage artwork piece, beautiful :]
    and your pile of papers... such a treasure to win.
    Thank you for the opportunity. <3

  17. Oooo! Free stuff! Shiny thing!

    (waves hand with great zeal and anticipation)

  18. Hello! Hello! Your dogs are adorable!

  19. hey! i'm finally here! yes, yes, please do enter my name... you know i don't like vintage book pages at all... but really, it's the collage i'm mostly lusting after...


  20. Oh yes! Include me!! Include me! Just imagine -- a deadline that I have NOT missed.

  21. Hi, I'm new to your blog but glad I found it-thanks to Seth Apter-the collage is lovely and I would hang it proudly. As for computer? Wish I even knew how to use my scanner-staying low tech to keep frustration level down, but I hope you get all the bugs worked out soon and back to doing what makes you happy.

  22. Let those sleeping dogs lie...and good look with all things techy.

  23. I am sending you a liver scented comment. Was nudged over here through Seths blog about stacks.. Your vintage books made me swoon a bit. I am about to go and take pics of my magazine stacks which i am hoarding up for the long winter ahead. Just may go visit your facebook page while i am at it...

  24. Old books are a disease unto themselves! I just have trouble taking out pages to use in my work but copies dont cut it , do they! good luck finding someone to fix your printer! I keep trying may have to give in and buy a new one. enjoyed visiting!

  25. Hey sorting dog, pick my comment. I smell like peanut butter. Love the old book photos. Now I have a new obsession to think about.


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