Sunday, March 13, 2011


I don't usually do collages that don't contain some of my own drawing or monotype work, but I thought I'd give it a try.  Why I thought that, I don't really know, since I'm generally quite terrible at this type of work.  In my last post, I included a collage I had made by combining different papers.  In keeping with the theme of clouds and rain, my intention was for the piece to express that mood, so I wanted to do something a bit simpler, softer, and more monochromatic than my usual riot of intense color and contrast.  (Okay, stop laughing; it is too possible!) The result was less than satisfactory; in fact, it was boring.

As I sat looking at this piece and pondering what might be done to improve its awfulness, I though perhaps I had been over-confident; maybe I should have started small.  "Go big or go home" is not always a sound philosophy.  So, I began cutting it into smaller pieces, which seemed at once to be an obvious improvement.  I worked on each one individually, while still keeping them similar enough to work as a series.

Symphony of the Rain (Overture)  4.75" x 5.75"

Symphony of the Rain (First Movement)  6.25" x 6"

Symphony of the Rain (Second Movement)  5" x 5"

Symphony of the Rain (Third Movement)  6" x 4.75"

Ingredients (all 4 pieces):  vintage ephemera, decorative papers, magazine cut-outs.

What do you think?  Better, or not?  Any and all advice would be helpful!


  1. Hi Sharmon -- I love these! They are very calming to me. Keep making these! :) -- Julia

  2. By cutting that larger collage into smaller pieces, you have given it life! Even though the pieces are smaller, they are now more open and full of life.

    I've seen wonderful collages in all sizes (some room-size), but when a collage is small, it becomes more tangible, intimate, more like a poem.

    These pieces are fantastic!

  3. One of the things I enjoy about your work is the repeated, yet different, things I see. Like the many horizons we discussed in "The Traveler's Tale: As the Crow Flies", here I see the raindrop shapes, the notes on the staves as gentle rain drops, the torrents of text streaming down (I'll shy away here from discussions of "The Matrix"), etc. Points, counter-points, themes and subthemes, woven together with the choices of colors and textures - golly (or more common lately, "duh"), like a symphony.

    Most importantly, as we've also discussed before, is what it invokes in the viewer. Apologies for my stating of the obvious and trodding roughshod over the subtle/spiritual. I'm excited where these are going, in my artistic pedestrian sort of way.

  4. looks like your process is unfolding with a subtle strength light.

    beautiful stepping into a new melody.

  5. Yes, I think the series of smaller pieces works really well. Each is a contained universe, complete in itself, yet complementing the others in the series. Collaging seems a good way to explore colours and groupings outside of the normal approach to one's art. If you get that satisfying sort of "click" when it's done, then it's done. When I don't get that "click", I tend to go back in with some paint (maybe just a smear of unbleached titanium) or maybe a crayon (a scribble of white) to add lines or textures and another layer/depth of field. But your pieces here seem finished to me. You captured that soft clouds and rain feeling you were after.

  6. andante, ma non troppo! bello..

  7. Oh I do love the title of these Sharmon...
    its a lovely trio of works... as for me imputting.... really i have to some times step away for quite a while before I see my work again... so I dont really have a logic to getting them just so... just trial and error followed by that reflection time... and somewhere in there...
    it happens...usually...!
    lovely to hear from you this morning!

  8. love the texture and the movement in this piece!

  9. I agree, cutting it up into many works, particularly in 2 & 4 as I viewed them on the post. Like Kim I like the intimacy of scale in the smaller pieces.

  10. I think you are on to something Sharmon, absolutely. Keep playing and trusting your heart.

  11. Yup you pulled it all together- all the pieces seem to have something to say to each other.

  12. well for someone who says they don´t "do" collage...I think you are pulling my leg girl:)ouch! it hurts too!!!


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