Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Experiment Continues...

So, my ongoing experiment with doing collage 'sans monotype' is still going on.  This is hard, people! (Did I just say that?  I'm starting to sound like my students!)  Here is, I suppose you could say, the 3rd incarnation of this piece- sort of.  You'll probably recognize parts of it from incarnation #2.  I felt it wasn't going anywhere, so why not rip it up?  Nothing to lose, and lots of potential learning to gain.  Besides, tearing something apart is a good way to get out your frustrations, if nothing else.

This has several layers, and has gone through quite a bit of ripping and scraping of its own. It didn't scan very well, I guess because of the metallic joss paper; the colors are a bit off, despite my attempt to correct them in Photoshop. 

Self critique:
I like the colors, but I'm not sure if the joss paper is too bright/strong in value compared to the rest.  Maybe there's too much contrast.
I think the composition is the biggest problem here.  Not enough of a focal point; it's a disjointed jumble of stuff, like the inside of your kitchen junk drawer.  The issue for me has always been that I have difficulty eliminating anything, so it becomes too much, too much, too much!
Maybe I should cut the sides off?

Well, it was fun, and I did learn from it.  And I made a huge mess in the studio.
Your critique?  Any comments, advice, and/or constructive criticism are appreciated.

Tune in next time for incarnation #4...


  1. I have no real advice as I have been making my own messes in my space. I like the circle...the size seems perfect!

  2. I think the joss paper provides the base to hold it all down/ focal point. The bottom below the paper needs trimming or darkening but that's all I could see. Maybe you think too much about it? And congatulations on being slected for the show!

  3. Now HERE'S a bold and brave artist, asking her readers for critique!

    There's no way in the WORLD I feel qualified to do anything but applaud and throw roses for the beauty of your work and your courage in putting it out there. If I lived near you, I'd come by and take you out for a glass of wine and a relaxing chat about your work. Thank you for the example that you set!


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