Sunday, April 18, 2010

Something New

For a while now, I have felt that I've been floundering around, feeling that I wanted to venture out in a new direction with my work, but not quite sure what it would be. This past week has been my long-awaited Spring break, and I thought it could be a good opportunity to conduct some very unscientific experiments.  I've had some new ideas attempting to form in my little brain for some time, and have been trying to figure out where they might take me.  This piece is one of my experiments. I suppose you could call it a more collage-y collage, as was my first step in this direction, Butterfly Buddha Child.

 Ingredients: Rives BFK paper, map fragments, acrylic ink, eyelets, metallic paint pen, book pages, Koh-i-nor pens, acrylic gel medium, photo image, stitching, PVA glue.

I'm not at all sure if I like it, or what could be changed to make it a more successful piece.  I think maybe there's too much in it; it doesn't seem cohesive enough to me. What do you think?  This is a learning experience for me, so I'd appreciate some real "critiquing" here, people- don't be so nice! Thanks!


  1. '...don't be too nice" Fair enough.Ask and you shall receive!
    It's all to easy to give a 'that's fab' comment (which it is...and I love maps)so here goes...

    Edge transitions...the left looks good,compare that to the right- which looks stronger?
    Unity- try a light wash to unify the piece.
    There are so many great elements... (love the spiral ship navigation)it just needs some 'tweeking'
    All the best!

  2. From the moment I saw the thumbnail in my sidebar this piece had my attention. If anything needs tweeking and even then I'm not convinced, the contents page on the right may need a wash to age it a little. Don's advice is pretty sound.I love what you've done in the left corner .... echoeing the ships masts.

  3. I love it and I am not being nice. left looks good, reight a bit to light for me. Having sadi that Iam very much fond of Paula Valere's quote: A painitng is never complete or finished it only can be abandoned.

  4. something a bit stronger to unify is what I'd say . . .rea lly like the combination of stuff and esp the stitching.

  5. I'm a fan of all of your attempts and I feel you have a strong sensibility in terms of 'making **your voice** heard'.

    In terms of feedback: I have found that holding a hand mirror up so that I can look over my shoulder and see the piece in reflection gives me distance and objectivity while at the same time immediately helping me to see what I couln't see 'straight on'...I never work without this 'tool'... I learned it from Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks...I think you'll love what it shows.

    You are gifted and talented and you share yourself beautifully.

  6. My impressions were much like those expressed by others..perhaps a color wash to marry the upper right with the rest of the piece a bit more. Other wise I really quite like this.


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