Thursday, April 15, 2010

Currently on Display...

 ... in my gardens. It's that time again.  Time to plant the hopeful seeds, to lay them down in a bed of soft, warm soil, to nurture them and wait for nature's blessings.  To begin again, again.

It occurs to me that part of the magic of Spring is that we're given the gift of another chance.  In an existence where there are few "do-overs", we can start over once again.  Reminds me of a Chicago song, "Listen, children, all is not lost, all is not lost..."  It's all about hope.

The onion sets are in, and the strawberries.

 But my flower beds are looking pretty bad.  Yikes-  they could use some work!  I hope I'll get them cleaned out today!

In the meantime, here are some of the flowers currently on display...


  1. yup same wavelength! it certainly takes time away from the studio eh? but ya gotta love being fed all summer and I really like to laugh at the price of heirlooms in the market and go home and eat mine!!!
    your french lilac is GORGEOUS! mine are miniature Korean lilacs and you know I will shoot them as soon as they bust out!! xx's

  2. A fabulous garden and tour...the slides are a great way to wander through your yard.

    ...sweet wan little 'crumpled paper'...


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