Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nature Imitates Jackson Pollock?

We had gorgeous weather on Saturday, so off to Spring Grove I went with my little camera. 

Bright red maple buds looked brilliant against the blue sky.  The overlapping layers of lines and spots reminded me of the action paintings of Jackson Pollock.

Galaxy by Jackson Pollock

These beautiful overlapping lines were formed by dead vines clinging to the bark of a very old tree.  I loved the warm, monochromatic coloring.
 No.1  by Jackson Pollock

Such order in the disorder of nature...

Such glorious disorder in the order. 

The Blue Poles  by Jackson Pollock

Was Pollock inspired by nature?  Nothing I've read about him ever mentioned that his work referenced the natural world in any way.  It is supposedly the quintessential "nonobjective" art.  But I wonder if it's even possible to disregard the "real world" when making a painting; isn't the content of our minds based on experience?  In that sense, then, there really isn't any "nonobjective" art.

How is it possible not to be inspired by this?

 Pollock worked in a barn in the country, so...

I rest my case.

To those who think that's all of my Spring Grove pictures, I would say,

No, there's more to come- stay tuned for the sequel!


  1. 真是好文呀~~給你拍拍手再加分!!!........................................

  2. Wow! Well spotted - what an uncanny resemblance once you point it out. So much of what goes into our art gets absorbed subliminally though.

  3. I was never a Pollock fan but the similarities are definitely amazing. We live in a natural world and there is no way we cannot be influenced by what we see and what nature makes us feel. Your pics are great, sometimes wish we had much more deciduous vegetation to add variety to all of the pine and cedar but the high desert air and light more than make up for their absence.

  4. terrific fotos! I would say you've made a great case.

  5. Sharmon,
    Brilliant comparisons...I am in whole hearted agreement with your assertion that Pollack was influenced by his environment...consciously or subconsciously, there is no way he could not have been! I love the way you see the world!

  6. I can definitely see the art/nature connection! I love what you're doing in photoshop too! monkeys - ha!

  7. These are great Sharmon. Love what you did with the inspirations from your photos. Fun and really nice work too!

  8. Words often fail me when I try to describe your eye for beauty in nature, and your ability to interpret/render it in your creations, but let me try this one: marvelous.

  9. So maybe Jackson Pollack was really a realist painter... (;

    Personally I've always had an affinity for 'realistic abstraction'...and as you've shown, it's all around us. Fun post!

  10. Thanks, everyone. I've really enjoyed all your comments. I am not a big Pollock fan either, just happened to notice that these photos, with their networks of overlapping lines, reminded of something... The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that "nonobjective" art doesn't really exist. After all, aren't we all parts of nature, ourselves?

  11. Very interesting connection here. He does seem to have been inspired by tangled vines and branches.

  12. Yeow - that's worrisome. I got an e-mail confirmation that I posted the comment above - but I didn't. I just changed my Google password.

  13. Wow! Thanks for opening my eyes. Lovely post!


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