Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Monkey With Photoshop is Still a Monkey...

Last week, let's see- I forgot what day it was, but I was doing something else- I forget what- and I got distracted by playing around with Photoshop, something I haven't done since I can't remember when.  Usually I start out to do a specific thing, then as I'm looking for the thing I wanted, I get distracted by something else, like, "Oh wow, why have I not done anything with this photo..." and pretty soon my original purpose has gone away somewhere, to be completely forgotten, or to return to me at a later time when I least expect it.  I swear, I never used to be this way, and I find it pretty distressing at times.  What has happened to my brain?  Is ADHD contagious?

Anyway, here are the results of my distraction:

Okay, this is a bit scary, like the cover of a weird horror novel or a scene from a creepy movie...

This is the original photo of a full moon, and here's what I did with it:

I was attempting to create a sort of frosty, winter-y mood here.  I don't think I was successful, but it reminds me of an illustration for a children's book, so it's still somewhat interesting.  All in all, I like the original better.

With this one, I was just playing around at first, with nothing much in mind (as usual).  Here's the original, a shot through some hemlock boughs.  I liked the lines created by the dark twigs.

Then I wondered if I could make it look as if it were a stained glass window, with the sticks separating the panes...

I'm not sure what this looks like; a Kandinsky painting, maybe?  Hmmm....

So I just kept going....

... until it looked like- what?  A sixties flashback?  Something out of Scientific American, like the structure of proteins in a spider's eyeball?

Oh well; let's just say these were not my finest Photoshop moments.  What have I learned from this?  I've learned that it's fun, and sometimes liberating, to just allow myself to play without worrying about the end result.  I've also learned that a monkey with Photoshop is still a monkey!


  1. Keep monkeying around with Photoshop. And let the Monkey-Shine!

  2. Fooling round with yr mind in another gear is when the best stuff happens - especially with Photoshop. It's great, you can undo it or not as you please.

  3. oh yes, keep playing, play is always where we learn or find something new and wonderful!

  4. I love the first one. Spontanously caaled it: The anticipation of magic.

  5. It must be contagious! I never used to be that way either but you could be describing me.

    Your photoshop experiments are not bad at all. I love the second one of the full moon. It is pretty and delicate.

  6. You crack me up...I love the way you 'jump about' and discover so many wonder-filled ways to look at the world...these are an inspiration...I love the effect of the 'Kandinsky' image as it reminds me a lot of what you accomplish with your mixed media pieces.

  7. I think it is so much fun to play around with photo shop-- it is like magic-- you can't predict the outcomes-- so creative.


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