Wednesday, December 16, 2009


 A while back, I joined a group on facebook called "The Weekly Wildlife, Nature and Conservation Photography Challenge".  They do a photo contest each week focused on a different subject, such as "birds" or "two species in one picture", or whatever.  I usually don't participate,  because the subject is one that I don't have access to, like "tropical rainforests" (pretty scarce in Kentucky) or something, but mainly because I just don't have the time.  (Uh-oh, not that again!)

 But his week, it's "Rocks and Stones".  They seemed to think this would be a tough one, even giving helpful hints /suggestions about where people might look to find rocks to photograph. 
Rocks??!  Seriously??!  Rocks, we've got plenty of in Kentucky.   Many farmers for countless generations have wished we could have some soil instead, but- no.  It's rocks.  On most farms you will find somewhere a huge pile or piles of rocks, which had to be cleared out of the fields before they could be plowed.  I cannot fathom how long it must have taken to do this using just your hands, a mule and a wagon.

Another thing about rocks: I love them.  I am what some would call a "rock hound."  (Some might even postulate that my head is full of rocks.")  I've been collecting rocks and fossils since the first time I walked down a creek bed and picked up a bit of fossilized crinoid stem.  I've been known to wrestle an entire backpack full of geodes out of a deep creek bed- I think they might have weighed more than I did!  A day of digging around on the side of a cliff looking for fossils is a good day in my book.

So here are a few of my rock pictures.  I wonder how many photos you're allowed to enter- 100?  200?


* Disclaimer: Not all rocks pictured here are in Kentucky.   Rocks may be found in other places as well.


  1. I LOVE these pictures. I think I am a rock hound too :)

  2. Wow Sharmon!! These photos are gorgeous!! I'm so impressed. I also love rocks!!

  3. tree hugger, rock lover, is what my dad called me! I think these images explain the reason I adore rocks!

  4. I live in NH...we also have rocks...and lots of the spring when the snow melts, new rocks rise up out of the ground and birth's really quite amazing (I'm not from here originally, so it still surprises me even after 10 years!)

    Your photos are gorgeous!

    gentle steps

  5. Excellent job of capturing some exquisite rock formations and scenes. Thanks for sharing. Love these photos.


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