Tuesday, December 29, 2009

93.314% finished

I'm happy to say that I'm almost finished with the 3rd "The Traveler's Tale" piece!  Thanks to all of you, my dear friends, who were kind enough to share your suggestions and opinions.   Here's the "nearly finished" version of The Traveler's Tale: Once Upon a Time.

As you can see, I have added a few more details; most importantly the figure now has a face!  I still need to work more on the sky, and do some little touch-ups, such as coloring in all the white edges.  Also, there will be red stitching forming the dragons' reins; she'll be holding the ends in her hands.

I had tried making the darker value of the figure red, and didn't like it.  But many of you seemed to like the red hair in the last update, which was not intended to be permanent.
So, I reconsidered and came to a "compromise" of sorts, by putting some red into the purple hair.  (That really sounds weird if you think about it.)  I think it works, don't you?    If not, please let me know- seriously!

And, last but not least, I still have to get those blasted snakes out of the sky!  (Wow, talk about sounding weird...)

Suggestions, anyone?


  1. yeah I am not fond of those snakes... LOL!
    love the imagery and the florentine paper. this is a magical piece Sharmon! can't wait to see it sans snakes! xo cat

  2. It's really coming along beautifully! I didn't see those as snakes in the sky - is that what they are?! To me they seem like streamers let loose, and they help me to see the movement of winds in the sky. I kinda like them!!

  3. Hey Sharmon!

    Love what you did with her hair, although I would have been fine with pure purple hair since that is my favorite color.

    The progress you've made on this is amazing. Love it. I'm with Karin, I didn't notice the snakes before. I actually like her comment about the streamers.

    It's so beautiful. You have me wondering what you will do with this next?

    Happy New Year. May it hold great surprises for you.

  4. I love it Sharmon! Everything!! I love the sky... incredible!! Hair is cool!
    Happy New Year!!

  5. Simply outstanding, no pun intended. Hopefully this is not the case where the final 6.686% will take the other 93.314% of the time, as so many of my efforts do. Also, as I read the title of your post, I was reminded that exactly 78.2% of all statistics are made up on-the-fly (4 out of 5 dentists agree). Happy, healthy, prosperous New Year, Sharmon!

  6. I have just discovered your entrancing blog - beautiful writing and pictures - I've gone all dewey eyed! - especially since being reminded of Carl Sagan - haven't seen him since 1980!!

  7. Hi Sharmon

    Just before we turn the calendar page again on your blog posting, I was thinking the other day about your Travelers. I was reminded of Henry David Thoreau and thought I would plant this little artistic seed...

    In his essay on Walking (http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/186206/thoreau-walking), he says, in part:

    "To come down to my own experience, my companion and I, for I sometimes have a companion, take pleasure in fancying ourselves knights of a new, or rather an old, order — not Equestrians or Chevaliers, not Ritters or Riders, but Walkers, a still more ancient and honorable class, I trust."

    Maybe your future Travelers would benefit from some companion to accompany them on their journeys?

    There is it - all rights ceded to you (except for the ones held by the Thoreau estate, I suppose). Do With It What You Will.

    Have your muse call my muse, and they can do lunch.

  8. Hey Don,
    Wonderful quote from Thoreau, and coincidentally one of my favorite activities, walking. The suggestion is quite intriguing. It definitely gives me something to consider; strangely, I hadn't thought of it! (That in itself may be revealing- what does this say about me?) Be sure to thank your muse for me!

    p.s. Maybe you can clue me in about your creative pursuits, and my muse can help yours as well!


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