Sunday, November 8, 2009

Falling Behind; Looking Up

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, and extremely stressed.  Not only is my job more overwhelming this year than ever, I was getting depressed about not having time to make art.  I felt like I was always running, yet falling farther and farther behind.  Then, I read Karin's postAnd I realized what a big, pathetic baby I am.  I felt like a very bad person, whining about, well, mostly...nothing Blah, blah, blah, wah, wah, wah!  Why can't I be grateful for what I haveWhy does it take someone else's suffering to open my eyes to all the wonderful things in my life, things I take for granted?

I began thinking of Karin's request that we share any prayers that we say in times of trouble. No words came to mind. This is a tough one for me; I thought, What do I do when I feel the need for spiritual comfort or strength?  It occurred to me that I find my spirituality in nature, and that contact with that life-force, or whatever you care to call it, is what makes me feel better when all else fails.  Someone once told me that if I felt weak or tired, I should put my arms around a tree, and draw from its strength.  Sounds strange to some, I suppose, but this has always worked for me.

There's another way I 'pray'- I look upAt the sky, at the tops of the trees, at the place where they meet.  This, I believe, is one of the faces of God.  So Karin, I share these with you, in the hope that in some small way, they will serve as my prayer for you.


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  2. Oh Sharmon, thank you! what a beautiful gift. I am touched, deeply.
    I feel your connection with nature, and how it seems to strengthen you - I was visiting here not long ago and felt so warmed and calmed by your autumn photos. My hands weren't in typing shape that day, so I left without comment, but I carried your beauty with me. Your artwork is very 'prayerful' for me as well, and has a deeply spiritual feel to it, so it doesn't surprise me that being pulled away from creating it might make you feel out of sorts - I know that will do it for me!!
    Today I spent time with our trees, and looking up - then I began to look down as well. I was drawn to our rocks - we have some pretty big boulders in our yard. I sat on one and stroked it and talked to it! So hugging trees sounds perfectly normal to me. :) I felt the resonance of strength, solidity, and ancient wisdom surrounding me, just from being in this world for so long... yes, nature heals.
    You have blessed me, my friend. Love, Karin


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