Saturday, December 27, 2008

Transformation 31

I actually finished this piece a couple of weeks ago, but just didn't post it because I wasn't 100 percent totally sure it was finished. Making decisions is not one of my assets as a human being, but let's just not go there... I have a couple more of these in the works, but as I might have mentioned before, I feel like this series has almost run its course, or come to an inevitable conclusion, or is stale and boring (at least to me). I really want to move on to something different, but I'm not sure exactly what. Once again, the old indecision problem has reared its ugly head. If any one has ideas or experiences you can share about how to handle this transition, please let me know.


  1. It looks to me like you're having a great time playing around with some beautiful photo images and techniques as you move through your period of not knowing what to do.
    I love to do that too...just nibble at this and then that and then another creative thing and not even think that anything has to come out of it....days, weeks pass but all the while that artist eye is takin' it in and spinning it around. Way better than becoming a completely crazed person (as I used to do) when a painting didn't come along as I thought it should. Now I just play and play...and your photos are inspiring me to do even more of thanks!!

  2. Before I read what you wrote I just wanted to comment immediately about the beauty in this piece. For me it brought a feeling of being uplifted, so I wanted to thank you for that.

    As far as the transition period goes, for me it's always an uncomfortable one, when it first comes on. It used to be painful, if not depressing, but I've come to accept it as part of the process. Just a piece, a stage, as important to me as the rush of inspiration and flood of energy in the midst of creating. I've learned to let it be, and even enjoy it. I go to my materials and play with them without an agenda, wander through art and hardware supply stores and pick out something new to try, go to the places that inspire me in nature/books/museums, meditate, read escapist novels, etc! I let the time be, because when I force any of it, the art tends to be either junk, or nothing goes right, and I just end up frustrated! So, I let it be incubation time, and surprises always arrive - eventually!

  3. Hi Sharmon,

    Well, I must start with this comment that I find this piece of work beautiful.

    You had asked what some of us have done when we hit, what I call "The Wall", and can't decide or just don't know what we want to work on next.....

    For me I have found a couple of approaches that help break through that stalemate.

    Sometimes I will just close the door to my studio and go off and do something completely non-art related. It can be something as simple as playing a game of spider solitaire on my computer. Other times I'll read a passage from the book, An Artists Way. And sometimes I'll go back in the studio and pick up something that I think I might want to work on. Generally, that turns out to be a glass pendant that I'll start to wire wrap. Sometimes it turns out, sometimes it's a complete mess and I have to take the wire off and stop.

    What usually happens in one of these scenarios is that random thoughts and ideas start to pop into my head and I come up with what I really want to work on next. I'll jot down a note about the idea(s) or do a small sketch or go online to look for some other images to get things to gel for me.

    It's as if I divert the thought of "what can I work on next?" and the other activity allows my brain to relax if you will. Once I'm in that relaxed state, ideas tend to flow for me.

    Hope this helps. Wishing you all the best in 2009!



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