Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Day in the Life of a Collage

It started this way:

I had an old watercolor of a tree that I didn't want any more, so I thought I might recycle it and use it as the base for a collage.

First, I glued some brightly colored pieces of an old museum guide onto it, since I wanted to be able to scrape through to show bits of color.

Then, I covered the entire thing with pieces of vintage paper from old books, drawings, and sheet music.

I immediately added a second layer because it's easier to scrape or rub off when still damp from the glue. (I use matte gel medium as my adhesive.)

Here's a close-up view. I have to apologize for the poor photo quality, as it's been very dark and dreary here, and there's not really enough light to get a good photo with my phone.

Here it is after I scraped some of the papers off to reveal the colored paper underneath.  I call this the "Glaaaaaaah!!!" stage - when a piece gets to the point where I'm either going to throw it away or cover it up again; in other words, I hate it. Could I make a decent composition out of it? Probably, but right now I'm not seeing it.

My studio and materials were also in a complete state of "glaaaah!", but I still couldn't leave well enough alone...

 I glued some more papers on, then rubbed some more off (lather, rinse, repeat) .... and this is how I left it for the night.

Tune in tomorrow to find out what happens to our poor, pitiful collage. Will it live to see another day?  I'm not so sure...


  1. Often it just takes more adding and subtraction then WOW! I expect this one will go through this process.

    1. Yes, there's always a back-and-forth until something starts to happen, or I tear it up and use the pieces for something else.

  2. interesting process. i'm the same with paint.. sometimes I get to 'glaaaah' and leave it alone forgetting about it for ages, when it reappears I often like it on first sight.. or it takes a few more brush strokes and tada :)if this doesn't work give it a whole new coat.

    1. Sue, you're right, sometimes I do put it aside for a while, so I can look at it later with fresh eyes. This is often the best way to go when it gets too "glaaah!"


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