Sunday, November 24, 2013

Things I Forgot

If this title seems a bit scary to you, just imagine how I feel.  If I actually included everything I forgot, this post would go on forever... Luckily, though, I don't remember most of it - ha!  Every year since I started blogging, I have always shared photos of my flower gardens, which have been a source of much pleasure, work, and therapy for me.

The front corner flower bed with antique seeder, orange honeysuckle vine, echinacea, Turk's cap lilies, Russian sage, black-eyed Susans, and liriope.

I tried a little photoshop-ery with some of these, just for fun. 

I really like the negative space in the two compositions above.

The shady flower bed by the side porch, with hostas, impatiens, ferns, and more echinacea (of course).

Two hosta flower close-ups, complete with bee in the second one.

Nicotainia in the front flower bed.  I like the weird 'floaty' quality in this photo.

This teeny-tiny moth was smaller than a dime; I probably wouldn't have noticed him without the telephoto lens. 

And while I'm playing catch-up, I just realized that I completely forgot to share any photos from my vacation this summer. So here is a quick look at my trip to Cumberland Falls, Big South Fork (of the Cumberland River) and the wildly beautiful Rockcastle River, all of them in Kentucky.


 Cumberland Falls, complete with mist.

 We took a lovely hike down the Cumberland River below the falls,

  surrounded by high rock walls..

  ... the rushing river...

 ... rhododendron forests and trickling rivulets...

 ... that carve out huge rock shelters, given a few million years or so.


 The Big South Fork was muddy and swollen from recent storms...
 ... and looked like a river of cafe au lait...

   This the coal tipple at Blue Heron Mine, a now defunct mine which has been restored as a historical site.

 The bridge from the tipple to the other side of the river.


 The Rockcastle River is certainly deserving of its name...

 ... lots of rocks, for sure, but also sparkling, crystal-clear water...

 ... little sandy beaches...


... and some of the most gorgeous views ever, even in the rain.

Wishing you all a great weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving next week!  Don't forget to enter my give-away; just leave a comment on my last post.  One of my dogs will choose 2 winners on Thanksgiving Day.


  1. Wow, I liked this replay of summer very much, sitting here looking out on our snow covered beach. Happy new week, sus

    1. Hi Sus! Yes,it does make one feel a bit warmer somehow, doesn't it? Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. magnifiques, les photos des vacances passés... vive les prochaines!

    1. Merci, Elfi... it was a lovely vacation, and makes me recall warmer weather!

  4. Gorgeous landscapes.. I have never been there so this is as close to an adventure in your part of the world as I have come. and a delight to see your vibrant flowers as the wind is howling here today and I needed to see some summer images that warm me up!!!

    1. Gwen, it is beautiful here in Kentucky, but, just like where you live, much more appealing in the summer. Doing this post did warm me up a bit, though!

  5. What beautiful flowers you had this year and those, I´d love to paint them:)
    Hope you are well....I am catching up ,,,,have off this week:)

    1. Cynnie, I'd love for you to come and visit, and do rock paintings to your heart's desire! I'm off the rest of this week as well, and am hoping to catch up, myself. Enjoy your time off!

  6. what complete gorgeosity ... and we share the love of the garden, so nice to meet like minds eh? Have a lovely Holiday!!

    1. Yes, Cat, it is great to meet like minds. My garden has always been a sanctuary for me, as I know yours is for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Oh!!! What a beautiful and gorgeous garden you have Sharmon! I feel the same way as Cat, about my garden and just being outside in the midst of it. And your adventure to those falls, stunning!


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