Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Brighter Day

It's December now, and our weather is beginning to take on a darker mood- a cold, dreary, gray sameness...

... that seems to hover over us through much of the winter.  John Updike describes it pretty well:

The days are short,
  The sun a spark
Hung thin between
  The dark and dark.

Such a cheery guy, right?  Well, maybe that's a bit overly gloomy; but anyway, on days like this, my mind tends to dwell in brighter places.

 I dream of meandering down the Kinniconick on a bright warm day...

 ...walking down to the place where I sometimes cross over to the island...

 ...hearing the crickle-crackle of the shale as thin layers snap under my feet.

If the creek is up, and running fast,

I'll never get across the slippery sandstones without bruising my behind, and getting very wet besides...

So I'll go back to where it's safer (though still pretty wet)- the point where water flows out of the swirl-hole. That's our "beach" on the left, and the island on the right.

Here's a view looking back at our little "beach" from the island.

Standing on the island, where it curves around the swirl-hole...

I gaze across the wide expanse of shimmering green reflections...

... to the tip of the island, which divides the swirl-hole from the other side of the creek.

My little "mental trip" is turning out to be longer than I expected, so it seems I'll have to continue it in another post.  I'm feeling much better now, though- aren't you?


  1. Thanks for the little trip to summer! Just what I needed heading home to Alaska in the shortest days of the year... sus

  2. Wow - this is just gorgeous. Thanks for letting me come along with you. It reminds me that my own wilderness places are still out there enjoying their solitude times. Like you. we have had far more than our fair share of grey damp days, but today, the sun feels glorious and precious on my face. I hope it comes out for you soon as well. Have a very Happy Christmas. Love, Annie xx

  3. A nice reminder of warmer days. Your island, beach and creek are beyond beautiful...what a great summer refuge. Dream on.

  4. Yes I do feel better! The pics loaded after the words (it's my connection) and I couldn't wait to see the swirl-hole, love that name--what river is this part of?

  5. Very nice. Thanks for the reminder of the brighter, warmer days that lie just beyond.

  6. Yup just what I needed... I did the very same thing the other day. Getting to process summer images is such a great thing to do in the winter.

  7. "Though nothing can bring back the hour
    of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower;
    we will grieve not, rather find
    strength in what remains behind."

    Thank you, Sharmon

  8. Hi Susan- I'm afraid I'd need a lot more than that if I was going to Alaska at this time of year! :) I hope you enjoy your trip home. Thanks for visiting!

    Thanks, Annie; I hope you have a happy Christmas, too. Enjoy the sun!

    Deborah, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. This is the Kinniconick Creek in Lewis County, Kentucky. Supposedly, a river has to be 100 miles long, and the Kinney is only 99 miles.

    Hey, Mary Ann! It is a magical place, and helps me keep the brighter days in my heart.

    Don, you're welcome; thanks for stopping by. I hope you're well.

    Teri, you're right; so nice to have those summer images to remind us, isn't it?

    Ken, that's a lovely verse, and so true. Thank YOU, for the legacy.

  9. abSOULutely Sharman...thank you for the color lift. Bright blessings my friend.

  10. A favourite place to journey to in memory, in photos, in refreshing and uplifting. Thanks for reminding me of this economical means of vacationing and relaxing. I must say, though, that those moody grey photos are lovely...and of a tonal quality with which I'm very familiar, visiting in southwestern BC.

  11. love, love, love the photos - amazing! hope you're having a wonderful holiday season (up there:)

  12. Beautiful pictures!
    Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas and an amazing new year to come.


  13. OMG, this is heavenly beautiful places. Really feel like to be there. Thank you for posting about this

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