Monday, November 21, 2011

The Top Part, So Far

Here is my progress to date on the top half of the altered book cover I've been working on. 

Palimpsest: Language
ingredients: acrylic paint, map fragments, Chinese Hell Notes, vintage book pages, vintage dress pattern, vintage math scratch paper, pigment markers, images transfers, brad, metal spinner

Languages/scripts: English (various fonts, typewritten, and hand-written), Tibetan print, Tibetan pictographs, Mayan pictographs, cuneiform (2 different types), Chinese, Japanese, math symbols, numbers

I'm moving forward with this piece very slowly.  It seems that each language and culture that becomes part of it must be digested and processed somehow.  I don't know how to put it into words, ironically, but as the layers of symbols in the piece build up, so do the impressions of their forms in my mind.  This has led me to wonder about the relationship between language and thinking, which led me to research the topic.  I may share some of this with you later, if you're not quite bored enough. 

For a bit of background about this piece, and a look at the bottom part, go here.  Hopefully, more to follow soon.
A bientot,
Zai jian,
Khoda hafz,
my dear friends and fellow travelers!


  1. Oh, this is so beautiful and so packed with glorious symbols and please explain boredom here!

  2. I like where this is going Sharmon!

  3. What an incredible book cover...I can hardly wait until you finish. I love the metaphors and various symbols and languages you have employed! Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings, Mary Helen

  4. I went back to visit your bottom so that I could truly appreciate your top...

    green light...

    a fascinating journey into iconagraphy of all kinds...spinning things and hell notes included.

  5. quelle langue choisir pour dire..c'est beau!?

  6. Your book cover is stunning and I really like your representation of language and its significance. I'm far from bored, and looking forward to reading more. penny

  7. a beautiful beginning, and a fascinating line of thought... more, please!

  8. This is looking really great - lots of depth and texture. Have you read the ape that spoke? Would probably be right up your alley!!

  9. So much meaning coming forth, creating its own visual language. Intriguing. The bird, the faces, the textures and colours and repeated circle shapes all working to express ideas beyond the scope of speech.

  10. Your images, textures and colors all create a beautiful composition.

  11. What an amazing piece! I especially love the color and composition.

  12. As this piece evolves I am again drawn in by your process. SO much is being said, you seem to be talking to it as much as it is talking to you. Thanks for sharing.


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