Saturday, October 1, 2011

Give Away Winner + KMAC Show

As usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short, as my granny would say.  I tossed all the entries onto the floor, and my dog Scout was again imposed upon to choose the winner, primarily because she is stuck to me like glue 24/7.  The first slip of paper she sniffed was the one with the name (drum roll, please)---

 Egmont (The Artist Within Us)!  Congratulations to you, Egmont; I hope you will enjoy your prize!

As you can see, this chore was extremely tiring for Scout; she had to rest up for several hours.  OK, not really- this is what she did when I tried to get her to hold still for the photo!

A couple of weeks ago, when my son came to visit, we went to Louisville to the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, to see the show "Moving Forward, Circling Back: Celebrating 50 Years of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen."  I was so excited to have my work chosen for the show, but was not able to go to the opening reception because it happened right at the beginning of the school year. 

                    In the lobby of the museum, there is a wall covered with "hubcap art", which I thought was very cool.

           On one of the gallery walls was this signed poem by Kentucky writer Wendell Berry...

Above: digital art "Metamorphosis" by Bruce Robert Frank; wood vase by Paul Ferrell; ceramic plate by Wayne Bates.

I was greatly impressed by the quality, beauty and scope of the exhibit as a whole, as well as the way it was displayed.

Above: Fused glass by Ann Klem.

Colin viewing some of the pieces in the show.

Ceramic and mixed media "Too Tall Voodoo Doll" by Gayle Cerlan.

Above: ceramic vases by Amelia Stamps; "Green Crystalline Bottles" by Satian Leksrisawat;  "Black and White Cream and Sugar", porcelain "Teapot on Tray with Cup" by Linda Bowman

"Things I Love About the New York Subway", silk, by Rebekka Seigal;  Hickory chairs by Brian Boggs; "Seventeen 1934" fiber by Alma Lesch";  "WABI: Living with Solitude & Simplicity" handspun wool by Dobree Adams; "Dysfunctional Spoon: Bird's Nest" forged steel by Roberta Elliot; chenille throw by Churchill Weavers


Quilt "Chasing the Rainbow" by Janet R. Serrenho

Above: ceramic plate by Patrick L. Dougherty; metal sculpture by Dave Caudill; wood sculpture by Gregory K. Williams; glass by Brook F. White Jr.

Above: "Spring Parrots" dyed papers, by Carolyn Whitesel; draped weaving by Philis Alvic; "Prayer" monotype with mixed media by Sharmon Davidson

I've shown only a small sampling of the wonderful art in this historic show.  There's still time to see it if you're in the area; it runs through October 15th.

Below, a peek at a few pieces from the museum's permanent collection.  If you like folk art, you'll definitely want to see it!


  1. Greetings Sharmon,

    Thank you to you and especially Scout for having selected me for your generous give-away. As I mentioned in my email to you, I favor cats but I guess last night at our ECAA annual art show, Cairo a lovable small dog simply stole my heart; maybe because of this, Scout choose me.

    I ma sorry to learn that you were not able to attend the reception where your art was displayed but you did share some great pictures with us. I thought the hub caps were very interesting and especially creative. I liked being able to see al the other items that were on display, including the quote from Berry, who I have read.

    Warmest regards,

  2. Thanks for letting me browse the show! Great shots, and the one after Scout chose the winner is just making me laugh!

  3. Good looking show with plenty of variety and your work looks lovely! Attending the opening is fun but you need to go back to really see the work...congratulations.

  4. Thank you for sharing the wonderful images of the show- just amazing to have all that creativity in one spot. Scout needs to head to the art show - maybe she would find to get her exited. And how lucky were you to have your son to go to the art show!?

  5. Thanks for sharing images from this great show, and congratulations on being included! Your piece is beautiful (as always!)

  6. Hello Sharmon, my first visit to your blog and I was taken on a tour of a fantastic exhibition, thanks for sharing a virtual feast of imagery. By the way, your method of chosing a winner with your dog is just adorable as is your dog.


  7. Wow.. what a show.. Thank you for sharing art I would never had a chance to see.. inspiring!!


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