Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Decisions, Decisions- Please Vote!

This is not a matter of great importance- just something that bugs me.  If you visit my blog regularly, you've probably noticed that I change my header frequently.  The reason for this is that I'm never satisfied with any of them, once I've looked at them for a few days.  Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just ridiculously perfectionistic ol' me?   I used to be a graphic designer; could that be the problem?

So, if you don't mind, I'm asking for a little help- I put my graphic designer pants back on (which were very tight, since they're from back when paste-ups were done with actual paste!), and came up with some new ones.   I'm posting these, along with a few older ones that I think might be acceptable, and I'd appreciate it if you could tell me which one you prefer.  Or, if you have other suggestions, I'd love to hear them- believe me, if you say you hate them all, it will not hurt my feelings.  The question is: what should I do instead? 

Thanks in advance for your opinion!  So, here they are:

#1)  The one I'm using for the header right now.







Again, thanks for lending me your eyes and brains!


  1. whoa hooo...look at all the o my.....and you want us to vote....I think they are all gorgeous but I have a feeling each of us will pick a different one and then you will realllly feel like you can´t make up your mind....if I have to pick JUST one I´d go with no. 5.........I don´t want to bore you with WHY:) it is just my spontaneous gut feeling that I went already you have three different votes. I am sure after 30 people comment all seven will have been chosen too:) I say rotate as you have been doing as I always liked the variety in your header and find it amazing that you have so many and I have already seen several since starting to visit your blog and I enjoy the variety and they are all so artsy and vote is for how you have been doing it ,,,showing us a different one every so often. That really helped didn´t it:)
    Good luck....have a super Wednesday.........

  2. I think I like the one you are using now. It has a calm, sophisticated look. I also like the cut and paste letters on #3 but on the whole I think your current one is tres chic!

  3. as a designer my eye is drawn to the graphic quality of #$. But I also like the current one. Sorry not much help he?

  4. j'aime le changement..les changement des saisons..les couleurs.. le dernier en-tête est trouve plus important le fond
    pour présenter la peinture,j'aime les uni comme ici!bonne réflexion!

  5. The current one has the best balance. #2 looks the most like your art work, but is top heavy; the strong blue needs repeating--below your name and/or perhaps your name... All the headers shown show your graphic experience with cut and paste, something I did myself back when.

  6. I like the second one because it makes me smile...reads like a ransom note!
    The third is my favorite but would make the title bolder!
    Actually they are all great ....any choice as long as you keep posting!

  7. i'm partial to 4 and 5 but not the open font so much. personally i dont care to see such a big seems a waste of space, i like to get right to the blog and not be overwhelmed by that blasting at me. ...especially since i am usually on my netbook and the screen is small. a huge header is just too much!

  8. Wow- I think you have a full plate of input... I am just happy to find someone who challenges me to think about these things. Too tired to give helpful input tonight - but as always come away so inspired. Hugs and good luck-

  9. well, my dear sharmon, i do believe that i'm the only one voting for #6 so far. we are going to totally confuse you. ; ) xoxo

  10. #1 and #2 are my favorites -- they seem the most balanced and complete (to me).

  11. oh dear... I like them all but, I agree with lynne and Maryann...

    I think I have kept the same header for so long because it is so very ME and the black and white evokes the movie as well tying it all in together... sometimes I want to change it, but then I think... what could I come up with that really embraced my brand as well as this transfer on fabric???

  12. I enjoy getting a surprize when I visit your blog and find a new header. It always makes me discover another aspect of your talent. I think I've seen headers here in the past that I've liked more than any of these choices! (or am I just imagining that there were other ones?)But, No.3 would be my pick of this batch. Lots of yummy textures and a pleasing mix of colours. However, you'd have to change the background of your blog as I don't think they'd be a good fit.

  13. I like the freshness of a new header on your blog once in a while. I think they tend to reflect your current works (and maybe frame of mind...) I do like #3 though cuz I like celestial themes and I happen to like the color mix you used. But then #4 is good too, oh yeah, so is #1........I can hear you cussing me now!

  14. Thanks for the help, everyone! It's interesting to me that the vote was pretty evenly split amongst all of them, with the current one taking a slight lead.

    So, taking all comments together, I think I'll leave the current one for now. I'll also probably follow the suggestion that many of you gave, which is to change it up from time to time...

    Paula- I think you may have something there about keeping it small and simple; I'm keeping that in mind.

    Michael- I would never cuss you (at least not where you could hear it!).

    Again, thank you all!

  15. Came to this article a little late but I have to say I like the new one, and #2, and #4....and I agree with the several comments above who said they like the surprise of a frequent change. Who ever said your blog always has to look the same? Change is good..... ;~)

  16. Kathleen, you're absolutely right; change IS good! So I'll just keep on changing...

  17. I like them all; however, I think I like #4 and #6 best. It's nice to change things up now and then. I know I get bored with the look of my blog. What I like about #4 and #6 is the abstract art. That's just me.


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