Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My New Crazy Book Thingie: Part 1

I have embarked upon a new adventure, sparked by the great fun I had creating this altered book/assemblage/collage.  I'm not really sure what category these belong in, though.  They are altered books, but might they be too altered to be considered altered books?  I mean, I did alter them- if that's what you call ripping them apart, gluing stuff onto them (both 3D and 2D), drawing on them, cutting holes in them, and putting them together completely differently.  I suppose they're not really books any more at this point, so perhaps 'assemblage' would be more accurate.  Maybe I should call them 'deconstructed reconstituted former books.'  Or just 'mixed media' art.  That's pretty vague though...

Well, whatever it is, here it is!

Ingredients: vintage book parts, vintage child's writing paper, vintage sewing pattern fragment, image transfers, mica, embroidery floss, drawing pen.

So, what would you call it?  Stay tuned, part 2 coming up soon...


  1. ha! i would call it 'fantastic'!!! xoxo

  2. Nice! Very nice! Whatever you call it, it works and is something to be proud of.

  3. you had me laughing over it´s discombobbbulated naming challenge.....true what lynne and teri said...I second it and holy is marvelous in any language........oh now I am really laughing as my verification word...was....are you sitting down.....REDINGSYDO....omg.....Ding is a thing in German...and well re-do...omg. If you don´t use it I

  4. Who cares what it's called.... great piece of 'art'.

  5. Thank you all! And Cynnie, I'm calling the next one Redingsydo- just for you!


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