Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Paper Obsessions

I won't go on about the wonderousness of paper; you all are probably tired of hearing about it.  But I do want to share some more paperish things you may enjoy.  What's that you say- 'wonderousness' and 'paperish' aren't words?  You and that spellchecker, eh?

I recently entered the National Collage Society's annual juried exhibit, and while my work was not chosen, there are a great variety of fantastic collages in the show.  You should definitely check out the National Collage Society's  2010 26th Annual Juried Exhibit .

 one of the pieces I entered: Dimensional Shift
I think you'll be inspired.  They also sell catalogs of past exhibits, which are great; I have a couple of these, and look at them all the time. The newest one is an e-catalog.
The 2007 catalog is probably my favorite, but I don't think you could go wrong with any of them. They're also selling a calendar, which may be my Christmas gift to myself this year.
(Does anyone else ever get frustrated with how blogger won't let you put things where you want to, or is it just me? grrrr...)

When I feel the need to to feast my eyes on some really innovative paper art, I go to Upon a Fold.

Untitled work by Yoshinobu Myamoto

This site showcases amazing art made from paper- of every size and description you can imagine, from full-size cardboard bicycles to 3-D Christmas-tree cards.  Often there are interviews with the artists, who are at least as fascinating as their work.

Book sculpture by Ryuta Iida

Cornfield by Ryuji Nakamura

These are just a few samples of what you'll find there; it's well worth checking out, for inspiration, or just for that, "HOW do they do that?" feeling.

Notpaper is also a site you won't want to miss.  Each post is an interview with a featured collage artist.  First of all, I had apparently grossly underestimated the number of collage artists in the world; secondly, I had no idea there were so many astoundingly good collage artists.  A quick preview:

Portrait of a Three Legged Rabbit by  Anne Marshall

And finally, what goes with paper like peanut butter goes with jelly?  Glue, of course!  To hold it all together (pun intended), I thought you might be interested to learn that there's a site dedicated to informing us of the proper glue to use for any circumstance.  It's called This to That (Glue Advice), and it's so simple even my dog could use it!  You just enter the two materials you want to glue together, click the button, and voila!   The name of the best glue for bonding those materials (and a link to where you can buy it) will magically appear before you.  (Don't worry, though; I don't let my dog use glue.  She'd just glue the other two to the floor so she could have all the food.)


  1. Lots of fun stuff to dig into here, thanks!

    If you let your dog use glue she'd probably eat it before she got around to gluing the other two to the floor.

  2. awesome post, Sharmon. I loved your piece.
    Love the name of the glue site....lol. It may come in handy!!

  3. Great post...thanks for all the inspiration!!Love the collage,,,and all the tips....and yes, good heavens don´t let the art supplies near the cute doggies...my cat once had to roam the neighborhood with bright PINK spots all over his CREME colored fur...all the neighbors thought he went PUNK and all he needed were a few piercings before he ran away from home to join a punk band.

  4. I absolutely love your "dimensional shift" collage. I find it hard that it didn't win! Every element of it blends together so well. I will go now and look at the other entries.

    I really enjoyed your post.

  5. wonderful sites to visit Sharmon...thank you! Too much fun for one day!!!

    I think your entry was FABULOUS...but that's my humble opinion.

  6. thanks for all the tips and info on collage and papers-- I went to all your suggested sites-- very inspirational to see so many different collage styles.

  7. Thanks for these inspirational links. The paper art is quite amazing!

  8. Great post.
    Great dogs.
    Great info.

  9. Hi Lynne- you make a good point; she does eat anything that doesn't eat her first!

    Thanks, Donna,Laura; so glad you enjoyed them!

  10. this post is fabulous! i love "dimensional shifts," it's an amazing work! and also the one by marty--what a discovery...
    thank you for the links to the paper sites. i'm always fascinated by book sculptures :D

  11. What fabulous works with paper....starting with yours Sharmon! And wonderful to see what you are working on at other posts too...delightful blog!

  12. I love Capra's quote:)
    Thank you so much for your comment and for leading me back to your blog and your art site.
    Your work is so rich and layered!
    This post is Fun-tastic ;)

  13. Enjoyed this post, especially your creation!


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