Saturday, February 13, 2010

Abstraction Distraction, part 2

I have to agree with all of you very perceptive people who responded to Abstraction, part 1 by saying that labels aren't important, which was exactly my point.  Here are some photos that look somewhat abstract; they are, however, pictures of real objects.  Some of the images have been modified using Photoshop.  I hope you enjoy them!







I think you can figure out what most of these are, but if not, let me know!  Ooooh...I just had an idea...Remember that game (in magazines or something) where you try to guess what something is by seeing a little piece of it?  Uh-oh, there I go, thinking again...


  1. you crack me up! these are great photos, abstract or not hows that!!! ??

  2. this is an excellent part 2...I love the play of've got the eye!

  3. Love that last one but then I always did have a thing for spiraly curves.


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