Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Business Questions/ Issues

Okay, maybe I'm crazy- never mind, the jury's pretty much in on that one- but do these images look the same to you? (not counting the business card part, of course) The top one is the original artwork, and the pic on the business card should be the same. They look alike in the folder on my computer, but when I post it- well, the colors are sort of - different, to say the least. I've tried it 3 times. Also, the background of the card is black, not gray. I sent this to a printer, and now I'm wondering if this is what it will look like when it's printed. Yikes! Does anyone understand what happened?

Mystery solved. My son explained that it looked that way because the printing company wanted it in CMYK color mode, instead of RGB, which is used on the internet. Who knew? Apparently not me. So this is what my business card will finally look like.

Now I move on to issue #2: Shipping artwork. It's not really the HOW to ship that I'm wondering about, it's the WHETHER to ship at all. Or maybe it's HOW to afford to ship. To put it more simply, is it even worthwhile to enter shows that aren't close enough to enable you to deliver the work yourself? The price of shipping seems to be rising dramatically. I recently shipped a piece to an exhibit in Jasper, Indiana, near Evansville, which is probably about 4 hours from where I live. It cost me almost $80.00 to ship it there and back! Is there a cheaper way to ship than UPS? What it comes down to is that unless I make a sale or win an award, I'm out a lot of money. So, do I stop entering shows altogether, only enter the few close to home, or win the lottery?


  1. Lottery - win the lottery!! It is a dilemma Sharmon. When I was moved away from Cleveland, where I had gallery representation I was having solo exhibitions every other year, and selling quite well, but even with those sales, once I moved it didn't make it worthwhile shipping the body of work to make up a full exhibition. I try to keep shipping to smaller works, and show larger pieces close to home.
    Thanks for explaining your card's photo color info - I wouldn't have known that and it's good info to have for printing true color. The final translation looks good!

  2. Love the business card. Wasn't aware of the color info, but it makes sense after the explanation.

    Shipping, that is a dilemma. I've used USPS priority mail and it hasn't been as expensive. I know if you ship larger sized packages, say the size of a painting, shipping companies go through a process of dim weight. That translates to dimensions and weight. They calculate the costs based on how much space the size of the package takes up in their modes of transportation along with its weight. My favorite shipper is FedEx because the packages do not arrived mangled like I've see with those I've received from big brown...and I have been happy with FedEx Ground too. Probably more than you wanted to know...I got on a roll! :)

  3. Thanks, Karin and Kathleen! It's never too much info, Kathleen, I need all the help I can get! I'll definitely try FedEx next time. I agree with you, Karin, about shipping an entire body of work; I just don't apply for shows anywhere further away than a day's drive round-trip.
    I'm glad you like the business card. It's too late to change my mind now, and I am a big ol' mind-changer, much to the frustration of my poor son, who did the graphic design for me!

  4. Cool conclusion on the business card conundrom! The design is really lovely.

    Let me throw in my very brief two cents about shipping work ...I have owned a gallery and shown in many galleries and there is no way around the cost of presentation or shipping.

    For years now I have focused on exhibitions where driving my work to and from is possible...and I also work in formats that are cool looking and contemporary without frames...and for me they are much more interesting and fun to create.

    I agree with Kathleen...I find FedX to be reasonable and excellent in getting work to its destination...good luck.

  5. Thanks, Donna, I appreciate the advice.


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