Friday, August 7, 2009

More Business of Art Business

Here are some examples of business card designs, or just backgrounds, that I've considered and discarded.

Thanks to my good friends Dona Iona Drozda and Kathleen Krucoff, along with important info from R. Garriott, I have once again changed my mind about the business card thing. And no, I'm not being sarcastic; this is a good thing.

Dona and Kathleen gave me wonderful advice, including that I should check out R. Garriott's post about having business cards printed (link above), and the VERY convincing reasons not to do them yourself. Two reasons in particular stood out in my mind: 1)frustration due to poor print quality, images not lining up with the cards, and PAPER JAMS, and 2)it actually costs more to print them yourself. The cost thing is self-explanatory, but frustration due to technological problems drives me CRAZY! Here is the expression on my face when I have computer problems of any kind:

Obviously, this is not my face; it's a picture of my son Colin's girlfriend from a really funny "emotions-of-the-day" refrigerator magnet they made (sorry, Lindsey!).

So, I'm off to do a different design, and have it printed.


  1. Hey Sharmon! Glad I could be one of the ones to help with this topic. It can be very time consuming. And I'm glad you enjoyed R's insights. Not only is he an amazing artist, he has a great business sense and is willing to share.

    I enjoy all of your designs. And I find it's time to rethink mine again... ;)

  2. The foto of Lindsey is hysterical!!
    Love it.
    Any of the images that you have posted would make a lovely postcard and/or business card.

    Idea: I have been enjoying handing out a postcard with a favorite painting on the front and my contact info on the's like a gift and something that ends up on the client's 'refigerator' or some other type of bulletin board rather that stuck into a wallet and forgotten.

  3. I think I like the second one with the shell and the wing better than any of the other designs so far.

  4. I am not ashamed of my face : )



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