Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Rocky Mountain experience

I returned from a vacation in Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and surrounding areas almost a week ago, but am only now beginning to get my head back down to earth. This was my first trip to the Rockies, and it was a truly transcendent experience. I can attest that I do feel changed by the mountains, in ways that I'm unable to put into words.

In my attempts to find a way to express this, I keep coming up with phrases like "clarity of being", or "a present stillness."
I feel like the mountains are somehow in my soul, and always will be.

Even to my own ears, this sounds hokey and "new-agey", but I don't know another way to say it.

So will I build my altar in the fields,
And the blue sky my fretted dome shall be,
And the sweet fragrance that the wild flower yields
Shall be the incense I will yield to thee.
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge


  1. Hi Sharmon!

    I know EXACTLY what you are talking about when it comes to mountains. I get to see them every day and I never take them for granted. Yes, they are a part of my soul and I knew that the first time I saw them, which was back in 1976! Yikes!

    Love your photographs from your trip and your commentary. We haven't made it the Glacier yet, but have been to Yellowstone and the Tetons a number of times. I always come away more enriched because of the experience. I happy to see your vision of them.

  2. Your photos help say it all Sharmon - there is a pristine stillness in presence captured within them that speaks volumes. Quite beautiful...


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