Friday, August 8, 2008

Mine's cooler!

This post is just a bit of a joking competition with my son Colin, who called last night and told me he had taken the "coolest" photo of a praying mantis. I said, "NUH-UH, it can't be cooler than mine." It actually did turn its head and look at me- and it appears to be smiling! So here it is- you be the judge. To see Colin's praying mantis, go to
  • his blog.

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    2. what I meant to say with two that you both take great pics and there is no notice praying mantis is the wonder...and I'm so glad you shared.

    3. Well, I kinda think yours is cooler - in a "whoa, that's some Praying Mantis" way!! and Colin's is way cooler in an, "oh, is that the cutest dang praying mantis you ever did see?!?!" way! I love them both, they have to be my absolute favorite of the insecty creature kingdom. Thanks! Karin (friend of Donna's!)

    4. Great Green Mantis that is a great photo!


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